TALIBAN PROPAGANDA WATCH: Taliban Info-Machine’s Warning to Canada as it Leaves K’Har

Proof the Taliban read Canadian papers – highlights mine.  Usual disclaimer:  if you don’t want the Taliban’s webmaster to see your IP number, don’t click,and just because it’s here doesn’t mean I believe it or endorse it – just sharing it.

Remarks of the Spokesman of the Islamic Emirate Regarding the Withdrawal of the Canadian Invading Forces from Afghanistan  (screen capture of full statement downloadable here via Army.ca)

Yesterday, Canada officially ended its war mission in Afghanistan by pulling its last soldiers out of Afghanistan. Soon after the invasion of Afghanistan, the Canadian troops were stationed in Kandahar and some other parts of the country.

However, in the last few years, they sustained heavy casualties in various attacks at the hands of Mujahideen, compelling them to withdraw their troops from Afghanistan. As a result, many of their troops were either killed or injured in these encounters. In addition to the life loss, the heavy economic burden of the war dawned on the people and members of the Parliament of Canada to press the ruling regime in Canada to withdraw their forces.

While appreciating the responsible step of the people of Canada, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan calls on the people of other invading countries to realize the ground realities of the illegitimate and worthless war of Afghanistan and oblige their governments to put an end to the aimless war.

The people of Canada have to ask their government and military chiefs what are the objectives and achievements that they have obtained during the past decade, apart from the innumerous losses in life and equipments. If they have no answer, then why they allow them to continue their illegitimate intervention in Afghanistan under another title in the name of military training.

We are sure, the new mission of Canada under the name of military training will bring in only losses and bitter outcome like the precedent of their war mission which has had self-same consequences.

Qari Mohammad Yousaf Ahmadi
Spokesman of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

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