News Highlights – 3 Aug 11

  • Libya Mission:  Associate Minister of National Defence Julian Fantino drops by.
  • Taliban Propaganda Watch  Taliban orders cell phone companies to cut service from 1900 to 0600 daily.
  • Federal officials have won a court order to repossess classified national security documents they accidentally gave to a man accused of terrorist tiesChanthirakumar Sellathurai was inadvertently given three classified letters from the federal spy agency last August as part of the government’s required disclosure of its deportation case against him over the belief he belonged to the outlawed Sri Lakan Tamil Tigers terror group. The government went to court to get its secrets back and the Federal Court of Appeal has recently ordered them returned and replaced with redacted versions. But the court sided with Sellathurai’s demand he be allowed to contest those sanitized versions because they left a “distorted impression” of the case against him and harmed his lawyer’s ability to defend him ….”
  • Calls for a “Highway of Heroes” in New Brunswick“…. Fredericton-Silverwood MLA Brian Macdonald, the legislative secretary responsible for military affairs, said he thinks establishing a New Brunswick version of Highway of Heroes is a great idea and he said he’s even willing to meet and work with the Canadian Army Veterans to bring the idea to fruition. We also think a Highway of Heroes for New Brunswick is a good idea and we encourage people to get onboard. Aside from the lost soldiers, four Canadian civilians – one diplomat, one journalist and two aid workers – have also died in that country during the conflict. The establishment of a highway would not only be a way to honour all those lost, but it would also ensure that we will never forget them.”
  • Veterans Affairs Minister Steven Blaney drops by the Quebec office.
  • Another way to remember Canada’s war dead in Toronto“A new generation from France is making sure the efforts of Canada’s Second World War veterans do not fade away. The Westlake Brothers Souvenir Association (WBSA) have been travelling across Ontario and Quebec helping Canadians honour their veterans. Named after three Toronto brothers who died in Normandy during the D-Day invasion of France, WBSA members have held a series of tributes to Canadian vets, including one recently at the Moss Park Armoury. Readings, songs and a wreath laying filled the one-hour ceremony at the armoury at the corner of Queen and Jarvis Sts. Veterans from the Second World War sat in the front row of the gymnasium ….”

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