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Martyr attack on British culture center kills several dozens of Britons and puppets

Friday, 19 August 2011 12:12 Zabihullah Mujahid

KABUL, Aug. 19 – Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate attacked British Culture Center in the heart of Kabul city on Friday, taking out scores of British officials and their puppets guards in what was signal for the British and their allies on the Independence Day that invading forces are to be doomed to destruction as the British Empire had been destined to failure 92 years ago, the report indicates.

Zabihullah Mujahid, the spokesman for al-Emirah told by telephone that a group of the martyr-seeking loins of Islamic Emirate armed with hand grenades, explosive vests, heavy and light arms attacked the British Culture Center, the most heavily-secured and guarded area in the heart of the city where some of the top-level puppets such as Qasim Fahim and the likes are living and where a number of the foreign embassies are, too, located.

Abdurrahman, a martyr-seeking combatant, In First blast by a van filled with more than 5000 kg explosives blew up the main gate of the Center and killed all the security forces at the gate which let the other Mujahideen traveling in a corolla car packed with some 100 kg explosive to get into the main facility who, after getting out of the car and taking potions, detonated the car through remote-controlled device killing and wounding a large number of the security forces and Britons.

The fighting started at predawn and is still going on in what the Mujahideen combatants have fought with hand grenades, rockets heavy and small machine guns and explosive-filled vests killing several dozen of the Britons and their puppet troops besides setting the facility and the vehicles within the facility on fire.

The enemy claims, as usual, that the civilians, too, have been killed in the martyrdom operation aimed at the Brits, can be fully denied due to the fact that the attack came at about 4:300 am, the timer there was no civilians within the facility and the surrounding areas.

Message of Felicitation regarding the 92nd anniversary of independence of Afghanistan from British aggression
Thursday, 18 August 2011 17:31

On 28th of Asad 1298 ( Gregorian calendar, 1919 ), the imperialist power of 19th and 20th centuries, the British empire officially recognized the independence of Afghanistan, and thus the Afghan nation obtained their great desire of independence after several decades of wars and struggles.

On the occasion of this historical and great day, the leadership of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan submits felicitations to their faithful and freedom loving people. May Allah the Almighty, bestow upon us the gift of full independence from on going American aggression soon.

The eighty years struggle and resistance of Afghan nation for freedom is one of the significant and admonitory chapters of our history. If we deeply study the history of several decades long battles, invasions, defeats and victories take place between the British invaders and Afghan freedom fighters, we can find out many things for the solution of current crisis. The British invaders of Afghanistan, repeatedly faced defeats and the headache of the British extended to several decades of war, the basic factor was that also at that time the enemy despite of common Afghan intentions and desires they pay consideration to few of their hireling puppets. British despite to examine the response and reaction of Afghans nation regarding their invasion they only deals with their puppets and through their guarantees they envision dreams of invasion of the country.

Unfortunately, the American invaders are repeating the same experience. They think that their bargaining with some puppets and the agreement for their permanent presence will weaken the moral rights of resistance against them. They should understand that a few hireling puppets cannot take up decision about such kind of important issues regarding the country’s future and this brave nation will not accept such deals. The Afghan nation is still engage in the resistance for independence across the country and has given so many sacrifices for the cause in the past ten years. If the enemies of afghan nation want to rescue themselves from this trouble they should pay respect to the nation’s aspirations and recognize the independence of Afghan nation. If they stress on their ridiculous politics, soon or later they will face the same outcome, have not looked for else.

On the occasion of 28 of Asad (Persian calendar), we have to remind to our people that freedom is our natural, human and religious right. We are the only servants of Allah the Almighty and no power has the authority to implement their superiority on us. Waging Jihad against arrogant invading infidels is our religious obligation. Every kind of outcome we receives, it will be a reassurance of pride for us in this world and the world to come. So it is important that we focus more on our ongoing struggle for freedom, by the elegance of Allah the Almighty, the invaders who has raided on our home will be ruined.

The supreme council of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

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