TALIBAN PROPAGANDA WATCH: Taliban deny using child suicide bombers

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Statement of the Islamic Emirate in Response to the Propaganda about Recruitment of Children in Martyrdom-seeking Attacks. – Screen capture of full statement at Scribd.com

Monday, 05 September 2011 06:54

Recently, some propaganda media outlets have published pictorial reports about the use of young children in martyrdom seeking attacks by Mujahideen. Before touching on the malevolent aspect of the said propaganda, we want to throw light on the Book of Code of Conduct (of Mujahideen) which has been issued by the Islamic Emirate regarding the ban on recruitment of children in the ranks of Mujahideen. Article 69 of the Code of Conduct says:

“ There is a ban on accommodation of adolescents in places where Mujahideen stay and in military centers.”

The ban on the recruitment of children in the ranks of Mujahideen as a rule of Sharia which is subject to (strict) implementation, had already been imposed by the Islamic Emirate prior to the propaganda campaigns of the enemy. The Mujahideen have strictly implemented the instructions at their Jihadic strongholds and fronts, considering it as an administrative bye-law and a Sharia-based obligation intimated to them by their leadership.

It should be said that the Islamic Emirate has not been facing any shortage of manpower of Mujahideen but, contrarily, the Mujahideen have to wait for months in order to carry out their Jihadic task, particularly, the task of martyrdom-seeking operations due to the great number of the recruitment-seekers for the task. Then why there should arise a need for the recruitment of children of young age? This is but a baseless and irrational accusation leveled against Mujahideen by the enemy regarding the recruitment of children. The moribund enemy uses this propaganda as a ploy against the Mujahideen in order to obtain the under given objectives which are:

–The invading troops and their internal puppets are facing a grave danger from the martyrdom-seeking operations of Mujahideen. So they are resorting to means and ways to malign this effective tactical enterprise. Therefore, they bogusly produce children of the employees of their spy agencies before the public of the world, claiming they are martyrdom-seekers and rely on these fake dramas ( as evidence) in their assertions and arguments.

1.On the basis of the claims of the enemy, if we take it for granted that the Mujahideen have recruited children for martyrdom-seeking operations. It would harm the Mujahideen themselves before harming any one else. This is because children are not able to perform such huge and amazing missions, nor they are able to bring to conclusion the martyrdom-seeking operations as an effective military tactic against the given military targets.

2- Martyrdom-seeking operations need a strong resolutions, military training and deep Islamic knowledge and motive. Children do not have these physical and mental capacities to carry out the task.

3. As it is noticed, our martyrdom-seeking operations involve mass armed clashes ( with the enemy) which continue for several hours or they are car-bomb martyrdom-seeking attacks. They are both beyond the physical and mental capability of children. For example, ten-hours long mass attacks against military centers and barracks of the enemy in Kabul, Bagram, and other big cities which are guarded by invading troops and other security personnel, are certainly beyond the capacity of a young child and even of an ordinary man. Would any one endued with wisdom and rationality accept the premise that a mere child with minuscule capability, would be able to put up such amazing resistance?

1- From an angle of Sharia, there are some pre-conditions for any one who wants to carry out martyrdom-seeking operations as:

–His intention should be for the sake of Allah(SwT).

— Should have capability to inflict heavy losses on the enemy.

–should be armed with full military training and capacity.

A child is not able either physically or mentally to meet the above conditions.

Considering the above rational and Sharia-based justification, we can categorically say, that the said baseless accusation of the enemy against the Mujahideen is part of the enemy’s unjustified propaganda. As such, it is a failed and moribund effort of the enemy which will not benefit them . In fact, it was due to these effective tactical operations, that some of the very prominent military rulers from the ranks of the enemy were successfully wiped out and faced the enemy with a crucial threat in combat with the Mujahideen at the field of the battle both from angles of military and security capabilities. With the passage of each day, this trend has been gaining momentum.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

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