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The recent American casualties in Kabul and the upcoming bogus Jirga!! – Screen capture of full statement at Scribd.com

Monday, 31 October 2011 18:12

A powerful martyrdom attack took place 3 days ago in Kabul city’s Darul Amaan area targeting the trainers and mentors of ANA of Kabul administration which resulted in the death of 25 American invaders while several others were severely wounded. American sources also confirmed this figure and put the death toll at 13 in the initials hours of the attack, later correcting that number to 18 killed.

Americans received this heavy blow while there are still two weeks left before the congregation of the bogus Loya Jirga (National Assembly) to be held in Kabul city, from which it wants to gain the approval and vote of confidence of the Jirga’s hired members on the supposed Strategic Partnership, the main point of it being the long term presence of Americans in Afghanistan.

Everyone understands that this spectacle of Loya Jirga and the agreements signed therein on Strategic Partnership hold no diplomatic quiddity and legal value. This action only lays the groundwork for the continuation of American occupation and paves the way for an American lordship over the national, economical, cultural political and social values of Afghans and props up Afghanistan as a threat for the region and neighbors.

America has not achieved anything in the past ten years of its barbarism and military pressure while all of its tactics have been rendered useless one after the other. Now it wants to bring something to hand with its political and dramatic plots, Loya Jirga embodying a part of that drama.

The Afghan people have been a witnesses to America’s behavior towards our religion, culture, independence and national inviolables. How many of our weak Afghans, women, children and elders have been martyred in the blind aerial bombardments and raids and how many others have been tortured in the black prisons. And the Afghans have also seen the degree of advancement in their economy and their fare share of security and stability in the past ten years!!

American has been shaken economically and its people have been forced to take to the streets due to destitution and financial woes. So what can American afford to give out and bestow on the Afghans in such a shriveled state!!?

The Muslim Afghan nation has a firm belief that the occupiers are in a state of collapse and desertion. The moral of its soldiers has dwindled. The effectiveness of its war machine and technological tactics has been diminished. They have lost all trust in the army and security apparatus of Kabul regime and on the other hand are facing the blows of effective Mujahideen onslaughts every other day, a clear sample of which was the attack the other day. All of these point out that the invaders have lost their nerves and if this condition continues in the same manner and the strikes of Mujahideen continue with such power and effectiveness than America will, with the help of Allah, furl its colonial net to a great degree in a few months and will turn its back on the agreements signed in the fraudulent Jirgas which is only being performed to keep the minds busy!!

We believe that as long as the occupying troops are in Afghanistan and as long as they don’t accept the realities and start withdrawing as soon as possible; no other tactic will work in their favor and this is an indisputable fact that their exit will only benefit the whole region and the whole world.


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