News Highlights – 13 Nov 11

  • Sad….  A London man accused of stealing poppy boxes from the Veterans Association is the son of the organization’s president. Ten poppy boxes containing a total of at least $500 were stolen Sunday from the Dundas St. office of the Canadian Corps Veterans Association. Kenneth Maudsley, 22, of no fixed address was arrested Thursday on an unrelated warrant. He was later charged with stealing the poppy boxes, police said Friday. herri Cornish, first vice-president at the Veterans Association, confirmed the accused is the son of association president Ken Maudsley. Police said the elder Maudsley wasn’t involved in the theft. Officials believe the boxes contained between a total of $500 and $1,000. It wasn’t the amount of money stolen but from whom it was stolen – veterans – that provoked anger among Londoners ….”  More from the Globe & Mail here.
  • Taliban Propaganda Watch  Taliban Info-Machine claims NATO’s boss not telling the truth about insurgent attacks.
  • U.S. military equality think tank shares paper (PDF) by Canadian military academic on the differences between Canada and New Zealand in how we treat our respective Aboriginal minorities in the military – alternate download site (via here, and more on the research here.  (Thanks to Natalie Sambhi of the Security Scholar blog for the head’s up on this)
  • “Should Canada focus on (just) keeping the peace?:  No”
  • “There’s a new way for Canadians to search for ancestors who were naval veterans. On Nov. 2, the Library and Archives Canada launched an index to the Ledger Sheets for the Royal Canadian Navy. In total, there are 16,788 references to military personnel who served in the Royal Canadian Navy and the Naval Reserve between 1910 (when the Canadian Navy was established) and 1918. Some records for those who enlisted between 1919 and 1941 are included. The personnel service records within the data are referred to as Navy Pay Ledger Sheets, but they rarely contain information regarding pay. The database contains information on officers, cadets and non-commissioned sailors who served in the RCN, Naval Reserve and the Newfoundland Royal Naval Reserve. It summarizes an individual’s record of service, including postings at land bases and on ships ….”

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