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Statement of Islamic Emirate regarding the upcoming subjugated Jirga – Screen capture of full statement at Scribd.com

Monday, 14 November 2011 11:06

Our countrymen are well aware that western occupying forces have been attempting for quite some time now to give a legal face to their unlawful occupation of Afghanistan and to realize their dream of establishing a permanent presence. For these filthy designs to be accomplished, serious efforts are recently being undertaken by the foreign enemy and their internal mercenaries and it has been decreed that this coming Wednesday (16th November), a supposed Loya Jirga (Grand Assembly) will be convened in Kabul to realize this unfortunate plan.

Some of the information acquired about this plot suggests that America wants to obtain documentation for a perpetual occupation of Afghanistan under the name of Strategic Partnership because the draft text of it says that America (like its ongoing occupation) will practice absolute freedom, will not abide by any Afghan stipulations and will continue its military operations and presence as long as its wants.

For this purpose it is absolutely necessary for the Afghans to realize the sensitivity of this subject. The permanent presence of America and other invaders spells nothing but the absolute fall and decline for our glorious nation and people who have a many millennium old history. If the Afghan nation neglectfully forgo standing up against and blocking the ominous plan of the enemies of Afghanistan then they will definitely face the same ill fate which is being faced by the nations who are occupied and subdued by the infidels and the history books are filled with such admonitory stories.

The countries of Japan and South Korea should serve as enough examples for us to understand and learn about the effects of permanent American presence. These countries do not have any Islamic sanctums nor an Afghan code of honor; they are not military and economically weak like Afghanistan neither are they under such domination but despite all of this, these same nations have had it up to their noses with violations and crimes committed by the Americans troops.

According to internationally respected news outlets, American invaders are charged on a daily basis with crimes done against the residents of these countries which include rape of 12 year old girls and 68 year old women.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan calls on all its countrymen, parties and political figures that the sole reason for the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan is because of the foreign invaders. If the foreign invaders leave then there are many Islamic and Afghan channels which can be utilized to solve our internal problems. Afghans are able to solve their internal problems by themselves under tolerating conditions.

It will be inapposite for those concerned about a repeat of civil war or due to scare for own depreciation to put their necks down and keep silent in front of perpetual occupation by American invaders. We believe the Afghan crisis will only find an end when our nation thwarts the Strategic Partnership of the invaders and their mercenaries under the disguise of Loya Jirga and their other plans, brings the ongoing occupation to an end and fulfill their duty of bringing about an independent, proud and peaceful Afghanistan. Those people who approve permanent American bases under the banner of the upcoming so-called Loya Jirga will be considered as national traitors and will be deserving of harsh penalties and their names will be written down alongside the slaves and nation sellers like Shah Shuja, Babrak Karmel and Karzai.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

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