Michelle Lang, R.I.P.: Is This the Best the Calgary Herald Can Do?

The Chief of Defence Staff, as well as some wounded members of the military and Foreign Affairs, visited the Calgary Herald newsroom this week to present the memorial for fallen journalist Michelle Lang.  A columnist did an online post:

“A touchstone from Afghanistan that touches our hearts”

Postmedia News Matt Fisher did a piece from (where I presume he’s posted these days) Cairo talking about his dealings with her.

“Fisher: Memorial to fallen Canadian journalist arrives in Canada”

The Canadian Press?  A story with bits of the online blog post.

“Military presents Calgary Herald with memorial plaque for Michelle Lang”

This is the best the Calgary Herald or Postmedia News could do for repatriation of a memorial of one of its own fallen?

Yes, I know there was mention during Remembrance Day coverage.

No, I don’t expect multiple pages online about the memorial coming to the newsroom.

Still, a columnist instead of a reporter giving the fullest coverage of this?  On the online blog page?

I hope the hard-copy editions of the Herald did better than this.

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