TALIBAN PROPAGANDA WATCH: Donate now – operators are standing by!

Edited to add:  There’s an even newer link to the “operators are standing by” page here, dated April 2012, but it doesn’t seem to be working as of 30 Dec 2015.  Here’s what it looks like  at archive.org – enjoy!

One wonders if this’ll be more successful than the Taliban’s (alleged?) foray into PayPal fundraising – more on that one here, here, here and here ….

Usual caveat:  Don’t click on a Taliban web page link if you don’t want your information in the hands of a Taliban webmaster.  I don’t write this stuff, or support the message – I just share it for people who are interested.  Statements in full attached below.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Financial commission (newer working link here – page capture at Google Docs here)

Saturday, 14 April 2012 18:06

To begin with, I hope you have best of both worlds. May Allah grant you success here and the Hereafter!

As is known to all, The Islamic country of Afghanistan is currently under the US occupation.

The West invaded Afghanistan to prevent Islamic stability, wipe out the nation’s Islamic and religious values and norms, and to divert the future generation from Islam and to forever subjugate, occupy and secularize Afghan Mujahid nation.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, a movement made up of true and loyal sons of this soil, with the help of Allah Almighty and backed by its nation, has declared Jihad in accordance with Quranic commands and teachings against infidel invaders which has been successfully continuing so far this day, Alhamdulillah (praise be to Allah) and is about to reach its victorious finality.

This Islamic land is in the tyrannical grip of the combative infidel enemy, posing the greatest threat to the entire Muslim world.

As a result, in the light of Islamic sharia, all Muslims everywhere are duty-bound to join the Jihad with money and soul.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan which stood up with Muslim Ummah’s physical and financial support, are still waging legitimate Jihad single-handedly with mere help from common sincere Islam-loving masses and is in dire need of financial assistance from the Muslim brothers worldwide for its military and non-military expenditures.

What may come as surprise, well worthy of mention, is the fact that  the Jews and Christians in order to prolong and win the prevailing war on the ground, keep raising and collecting funds from their people in every corner of the world and calling on meetings and conferences for the very purpose.

Similarly, the Muslims, too, out of their true spirit of faith are not to forget their Muslim brothers defending and upholding the truth in Afghanistan and extend a helping hand in the form financial aid in the same way as they take part in Jihad physically.

However, what if you were not prepared to fight in the way of Allah, either financially or in soul ? Prophet (sallallu alaihe wa salaam) says in Sahi Muslim “One who died but did not fight in the way of Allah nor did he express any desire or determination for Jihad died the death of a hypocrite.”

Thus, save yourself from a greater hardship in the Hereafter and protect yourself against hellfire.

There is no life worth living except the life of the Hereafter and our hereafter depends on our present.

Let us save up for our Hereafter by doing our share of Jihad responding to the call of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and offer our monetary aid and donation to the financial officials of the Islamic Emirate so that it may be used to meet the requirements of the Jihad and Mujahideen fighting the invading forces on the ground in appropriate ways.

In case of any contributions, please contact the financial commission of Afghanistan on the following Email address.

The  financial commission of the Islamic emirate of Afghanistan

f_commission@yahoo.ocm  (sic)

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