Tidbits from Both Sides of the Fight News Highlights – November 15, 2012

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  • Joshua Baker, 1985-2010, R.I.P.   The Calgary reservist charged with manslaughter admitted to military police he had never used the explosive device before, did not read the safety manual and trusted his second in command to run the show during the firing range exercise that killed an Edmonton soldier.  In two military interrogations played in full Wednesday during the court martial proceedings against Maj. Darryl Watts, the reservist told investigators from the Canadian Forces National Investigative Services his recollection of what happened Feb. 12, 2010. That’s the day Cpl. Joshua Caleb Baker was killed in an explosion at Kan Kala training base outside of Kandahar city in Afghanistan ….” – more here.  
  • The country’s veterans Ombudsman received nine privacy violation complaints over the past five years, seven of which were handed over to Canada’s Privacy Commissioner – a move questioned by a growing number of ex-soldiers.  A high-profile advocate who claims his medical files were raided wants the federal solicitor-general to investigate whether it was appropriate for Ombudsman Guy Parent to “take a back seat” on the issue ….”
  • One view of a protest at a Toronto Remembrance Day ceremony  “It was spitting in the faces of Canada’s 158 Afghanistan war dead and the thousands who fell in wars before them.  And done on the very day families were tearfully remembering them. It was also grossly disrespectful to a group of veterans — aged 80 to 90 — from both World War II and the Korean War.  It was disgusting.  But freedom can be as ugly in what it must tolerate as this protest on Remembrance Day at Old City Hall was crass.  Interesting that much of this disrespect came from, seemingly, some of the very people who should have been at this ceremony saying thank you. Instead they attempted to ruin it.  “I cannot, and will not, be silent in a ceremony used to glorify Canada¹s mission in Afghanistan, where many of my fellow Afghans were detained, tortured and killed because of the Canadian military,” explained Suraia Sahar in an e-mail to Newstalk 1010 reporter Siobhan Morris, as well as Showgram host Jim Richards and producers Jessie Lorraine and Jordan Whelan.  Sahar wrote she and friend Laila were protesting because “there is no honour” in Remembrance Day.  “As an Afghan Canadian my anger can be justified,” she wrote. “But I faced enough verbal abuse by racist, angry old white people telling me to go back to my country, and that the Canadian military should kill more Afghans.” ….”
  • What the protesters themselves have to say (1)   “…. Some sections of the conservative media have inaccurately portrayed our identity, action and purpose. We are Afghan-Canadian women peace activists with a voice that can stand for itself. We have a message which cannot be silenced by such tactics to censor and demonize us.  In 2001 we watched the invasion of our home country, Afghanistan. Fast forward 11 years later: Afghanistan is still occupied, and every year on Remembrance Day we are reminded of it. It has become painfully obvious that Remembrance Day is used as a war propaganda tool. If one is going to take offense to our presence, direct your misguided anger at those responsible for why we are taking offense.   The war in Afghanistan has claimed the lives of tens of thousands of Afghan civilians, and further escalated violence in an already war-torn nation. This war has created a platform where foreign military forces perform terrifying acts against the civilian population. The Canadian military is responsible for the detainment, torture and murder of Afghans.  We do not support the NATO-led occupation and war in Afghanistan ….”
  • What the protesters themselves have to say (2)  “We, as two Afghan Canadian women, were present at the Remembrance Day ceremony with a banner in remembrance of Afghans murdered by the Canadian military operations. We were not responsible for the alleged disruption of the Moment of Silence as the news media falsely reported, which has censored and attempts to discredit our peace activism. From our account, we will provide an honest chronology of events that occurred minutes before and after the police-incited scuffle, recorded on November 11th at Old City Hall in downtown Toronto. There were also two other separate groups at this ceremony with banners, one promoting anti-fascism and the other promoting peace through non-violence. In total, there were three groups located at different parts and times around and outside of the ceremony ….”
  • What an activist who’s not happy with what some of his fellow Occupiers do says he saw (with a bit of video of the protesters mentioned above)  “This article is a quick follow-up to yesterday’s article on the Anarchist Asshats who decided it was a good idea to interrupt Toronto’s Remembrance Day ceremony on Sunday. The interruption was planned by one of Toronto’s most despicable anarchists (quire an achievement) named Julian Ichim (wearing the beige hat on the left side of the picture).  A video came out today, filmed by Derek Soberal, another one of Toronto’s more famous cop baiters. He’s most famous for his incidents during the G20. I’ll include a video of Derek Soberal Gone Wild! after the video of Sunday’s incident.  One thing I notice from this video is that the police didn’t take any action to arrest anyone- despite the fact that Ichim and his crowd were disturbing the peace, and that there was physical violence. Now, obviously Ichim and his crowd are to blame for this debacle- but, we have to put some of the blame on the police too. It seems that they let the anarchists get away all too often ….”
  • The Chief of the Defence Staff, General Tom Lawson, concluded a visit to Sydney, Australia, late last week, where he participated in the United States Pacific Command’s (USPACOM) 15th Annual Chiefs of Defence conference. General Lawson was accompanied by Director General of International Security Policy Major-General D. Michael Day ….”
  • The Honourable Peter MacKay, Minister of National Defence, will officially launch the fourth annual Halifax International Security Forum, on November 16, 2012 ….” – more on the conference here.
  • RCAF Info-machine on the Air Force’s work in an exercise that wrapped up two weeks ago.     
  • Mark Collins reminding us Possible Arming of Canadian Coast Guard: Not Exactly News…

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