Tidbits from Both Sides of the Fight News Highlights – November 24, 2012

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  • Change in messaging, change of heart on the F-35?  More on that in this afternoon’s “What’s Canada Buying?”
  • How often has DND asked to have content removed from the internet?  “…. The incidents of federal agencies and departments asking for content to be removed online are contained in documents tabled in the House of Commons this week.  The documents show that outside of Google, federal departments have made 21 requests to have content removed online since the Harper government first came to power, with 17 of those being successful …. The Department of National Defence was the busiest in the past year, issuing 17 content removal requests in the past year. The majority of requests were for commercial websites that used departmental insignia in violation of copyright laws.  The companies asked to remove content included Facebook, Scribd, Twitter, and Yahoo. All complied by either removing the misused content, or disabling the user’s account ….”
  • The Commanding Officers of Her Majesty’s Canadian Ships (HMCS) Toronto and Calgary have their pride at stake and will be watching the 100th Grey Cup closely.  The losing Commanding Officer will wear the jersey and ball cap of the winning team, and also fly the respective flag at sea for a day.  “I look forward to seeing an Argonauts jersey and ball cap on the Commanding Officer of HMCS Calgary.  Seeing Calgary fly the Argo flag at sea and having the wonderful city of Toronto represented on both coasts will be a great honour,” said Commander David Patchell, Commanding Officer of HMCS Toronto.  “There is nothing like having some Royal Canadian Navy fun while watching the Grey Cup,” said Commander Paul Francoeur, Commanding Officer of HMCS Calgary. “I am going to have a big grin as I watch Toronto sail on her next deployment flying the Stamps flag off her yardarm.”  As both warships’ crews enjoy the 100th Grey Cup and look forward to the results, they also continue with their day-to-day work ….”
  • The federal security certificate regime will again come under scrutiny by the country’s highest court which has decided to hear an appeal in the case of Ottawa terror suspect Mohamed Harkat.  The Supreme Court of Canada granted leave to appeal Thursday to both Harkat and the federal government.  It means the Harkat case will become the first to test the constitutionality of the federal government’s revised security certificate law.  The first edition of that law, designed to deport foreign-born terror suspects, was struck down by the high court in 2007 as fundamentally unjust ….” – more here and here.

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24 November 12 at 9:00

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