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What’s Canada Buying? November 29, 2012

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  • Coming up:  more than ONE kind of fixed wing search and rescue plane for the CF“Defence Minister Peter MacKay has opened the door to replacing Canada’s aging fixed-wing search-and-rescue fleet with other kinds of planes.  “We’ve broadened the specs to include the possibility of a mixed fleet,” MacKay told the House of Commons defence committee Tuesday.  The public works department has given airplane manufacturers until Dec. 21 to express interest in bidding on the project to replace Canada’s fleet Buffalo and Hercules search-and-rescue planes.  MacKay was coy when reporters asked him whether he officially backed continuing with a mixed fleet of planes for search and rescue.  “I think that’s a question now that has to go to Public Works, as they’re the ones now that are consulting with industry and seeing what’s available on the market with regard to our operational needs,” MacKay said as his communications assistant tried to pull him away ….”more from resident deja-vu’ist Mark Collins on this one.
  • Update on Canada’s new Chinooks, via an updated Fact Sheet (also downloadable here if the link doesn’t work)  “…. This project is currently on budget and on schedule.  Two Chinook F-model helicopters will continue with the Test and Evaluation phase of the program over the next year with a combined crew of Boeing and CF test pilots …. Following the conclusion of a year-long flight test program led by Boeing, the first F-model Chinook is scheduled to arrive on schedule at a new facility located at Canadian Forces Base Petawawa, Ontario, in June 2013.  Aircraft will be delivered at a rate of approximately one aircraft per month, with all aircraft being delivered over a 12-month period. The helicopters are expected to reach Initial Operational Capability, as planned, in 2014 ….”
  • F-35 Tug o’ War  A Canadian reference in the comments on this interview with an optimistic LockMart official  “It is too late for Randall Howard to market the F-35 as press report confirms it is now a two-way horse race between the F-15SE and the Eurofighter Typhoon. What Mr. Howard has not told the Diplomat during his interview is that his company held a press conference in Korea urging the Korean government to delay the selection by several years with a promise of better pricing in the future than is possible now, which confirms that Lockheed knows it is going to lose the Korean contest and is trying to delay the announcement in order not to impact the F-35 sales in Canada and in Europe, which are debating an exit from the JSF program ….”
  • Translation:  DRDC is looking for information (not bids yet) from companies who may be interested in doing some sonar research for around $2,000,000 and $3,500,000  “This (Request for Information) is issued by Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) on behalf of DEFENCE R&D Canada – Atlantic, herein referred to as “DRDC”, to gather information related to the procurement strategy for the Advancing Multistatic Active Sonar Employment (AMASE) Technology Demonstration Project (TDP), herein referred to as the “project”. DRDC has a requirement to obtain research, design, development, software implementation, systems integration and testing services for the project, herein referred to as the “requirement”. The approximate value of the requirement will be in the range of $2M to $3.25M depending upon which procurement strategy is ultimately employed ….”  Here’s a bit more understandable detail from part of the bid document “…. Current Canadian Forces (CF) naval and air undersea warfare platforms employ antisubmarine warfare (ASW) sensor systems intended for stand-alone operation against submarines operating in deep water. Largely based on passive-sonar technology, they are not optimized for the noisy, acoustically challenging environment of littoral waters, particularly against quieter submarines (targets) …. The project will establish a multistatic active-sonar demonstrator through a combination of sensors and test-bed acoustic processors, and demonstrate the integrated capability through a graded series of at-sea trials ….”
  • Wanted:  “…. one (1) Senior Engineer to support the procurement and management of a new capability entitled the Land  Vehicle Crew Training System to be used by the Canadian Forces (CF) serving at home and abroad….”
  • Any Canadian companies interested in fixing up about a dozen bridges in Macedonia?  Anyone?

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29 November 12 at 12:15

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