Tidbits from Both Sides of the Fight News Highlights – November 30, 2012

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  • Whazzup @ 5 Wing Goose Bay?  The PM, Minister of Defence and a senior east coast Minister are scheduled to be holding a news conference this afternoon at 5 Wing Goose Bay – current speculation here, here, here and here, previous calls for a role for Goose Bay here.
  • Canada’s Army of the West posts YouTube video of paratroopers jumping out of this plane – worth a look
  • Although other media appear to have received the same documents, nobody’s sharing – something to hide?  Canada’s most active spy might have been caught almost a year sooner if the military and CSIS had followed their own mandatory security check rules, documents obtained by CBC News show.  And Sub-Lt. Jeffrey Paul Delisle might still be swapping secrets with the Russians for cash if not for a tip from the FBI in the United States, suggests information contained in three search warrants that were executed on Delisle’s home, car and the ultra-secret navy intelligence facility in Halifax where Delisle worked, HMCS Trinity.  The first hint that Delisle was the central figure in a spy scandal that would rock the Canadian and allied military establishments came in the form of a letter sent to the RCMP from the FBI on Dec. 2, 2011.  “The RCMP gets a letter from Frank Figliuzzi, the FBI’s Assistant Director, REDACTED implicating a Canadian military officer. His statement is corroborated by Anthony M. Buchmeier, the FBI’s counter-intelligence expert witness,” states one of the warrants. (Some portions of the warrants obtained by CBC have been redacted by Canadian security officials.)  The FBI makes it clear that there is one suspect: Sub-Lt. Jeffrey Delisle.  A ban on publication of the warrants was lifted in Nova Scotia provincial court on Thursday after an application was made by CBC News ….” – more here, here, here, here and here.
  • Way Up North  More on Canada and Denmark sorting out their border dispute
  • True, but will vets ALWAYS be older WW2 or Korean vets who haven’t used computers much?  “Yvan Thauvette figures few 92-year-old veterans have a smartphone, much less interest in downloading an app to gain access to a Veterans Affairs website.  “That’s what it will be for many of these veterans — in 2014, they’ll have the choice to try and get someone on the telephone or they can go on a computer to access services,” said Thauvette, president of the Union of Veterans Affairs Employees.  He and Chris Aylward, national vice-president of the Public Service Alliance of Canada, toured the district office for Veterans Affairs Canada in Sydney on Thursday to meet with workers who will be out of a job once the office is closed in 2014.  They also met with a group of local veterans who’ve been protesting against the cuts. The veterans joined the union leaders on the tour and vowed to continue their fight ….”
  • Meanwhile, the VA Minister shares a letter to the editor:  Honest, we really ARE concerned about privacy!
  • While Royal Canadian Legion branches close down across Canada due to lack of participation (and refusal to merge with others?), we see a new branch open up in Mexico.
  • What’s the former CDS up to these days?  “…. I’m going to take a break for a few months. I’ve consulted with some of my international colleagues—other chiefs of defence—and their advice is to take four months or so. As my colleague from the Netherlands said—using a Dutch phrasing—“empty your head.” My wife and I have built a little lake house north of Kingston. It’s still being fitted out ….”
  • More calls for more peacekeeping
  • Whazzup in the mideast?  UN votes to allow Palestine to be non-member observer state – Canada’s foreign minister has this to say“Canada is deeply disappointed but not surprised by yesterday’s result at the United Nations General Assembly.  Our government’s position is clear: the only way to achieve a just and lasting peace is through negotiations, not unilateral actions.  To that end, Canada is bringing its heads of missions in Israel and Ramallah and its permanent representatives to the UN in New York and Geneva back to Ottawa temporarily to assess the implications of yesterday’s UN General Assembly vote and inform Canada’s response to it.  Canada will now review the full range of its bilateral relationship with the Palestinian Authority ….”

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