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What’s Canada Buying? December 5, 2012

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  • Remember this one“Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC), on behalf of Department of National Defence (DND), has a requirement for Rally Driver Training….”More on who’s getting the training  “The Canadian Forces is hoping to turn its commandos into rally car drivers, or at least the closest thing to them.  The Defence Department invited companies with experience training rally drivers to submit bids on a contract that would see them teach Canada’s special forces soldiers to drive like the pros.  Rally racing is a high-speed sport that sees drivers speeding along forest roads, up mountain trails and through often difficult road conditions like snow and gravel, taking sharp turns and fighting to keep control on the way to victory.  National Defence wants the successful bidder to provide instructors, facilities, driving tracks, safety equipment and the vehicles themselves on demand for five-day courses.  The contract is very specific about what will be taught, and includes learning five skid types, high-speed obstacle avoidance, advanced cornering techniques, off-road driving, handbrake turns, left-foot braking, pendulum turns, and slalom skills.  The contractor also has to provide a minimum of a 2.5-kilometre loop on a variety of track terrains, including wooded and rugged terrain, gravel, rough or loose dirt, and boring old pavement.  The tracks must also feature blind corners and crests, a variety of corners, side slopes, ascents and descents, and ditches and logs.  Even the vehicles are specified, with either a Toyota Hilux, Toyota 4 Runner, Land Cruiser or Land Rover being acceptable.  The contractor must also have at least three years rally driving experience — and be able to feed the students lunch.  The Canadian military has contracted such training in the past for its commandos, Major Doug MacNair of Canadian Special Operations Forces Command said in an email.  “The Canadian Forces seeks to provide its personnel with the best possible training in order to contribute to their safety and security while operating in areas of elevated risk and also to ensure that CF personnel have the best chance of success on operations.” ….”
  • Big Honkin’ Ships  Mark Collins’ take on whazzup in Halifax (and with it could mean for the BHS work)
  • Another “lookit how much DND puts into the economy!” news release  “The Honourable Peter MacKay, Minister of National Defence, (yesterday) announced two contract awards at Canadian Forces Base Halifax. The first contract for the construction of new semi-detached residential housing units at 12 Wing Shearwater, which was awarded to Blunden Construction (1995) Limited, and valued at $592 000.  The second contract, valued at $592 411, was awarded to C&D Cleaning and Security Services Limited for the janitorial services at Stadacona …. “
  • Wanted:  someone to create some virtual reality to test navy compartment floor plans and work flows  “…. vWorlds using distributed synthetic environments with human representation as avatars are increasingly being used for collaborative work. In particular DRDC is interested in the use of specific vWorlds to enable Department of National Defence/Canadian Forces (DND/CF) to conduct the development and review of spatial systems such as naval compartment layouts and team processes ….” – more details in part of bid document here.
  • “The Department of National Defence (DND) has a requirement for Strip, Camouflage, Fabric, Burlap Cloth to be supplied in various colours ….” – some specs from the bid documents here.

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5 December 12 at 12:15

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