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What’s Canada Buying? January 14, 2013

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  • If all goes according to plan – and there’s no really no need to doubt it, given Boeing’s delivery record – the distinctive tandem-rotor slap of Canada’s newest generation of Chinook helicopters will echo through the forested Ottawa River Valley next summerThe first of the new CH-147F medium-to-heavy-lift helicopters is expected in June at Canadian Forces Base Petawawa, Ont., a 140-kilometre flight from National Defence Headquarters in Ottawa. It will be almost a year to the day since the aircraft rolled off the production line at Ridley Park, Pa., and was shipped to Mesa, Ariz., for flight testing and evaluation. The second helicopter was completed in late September, and is being put through its paces at U.S. Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Md.  The new Chinooks are expected to arrive at the rate of about one a month to a resurrected 450 Tactical Helicopter Squadron. Its 400 military personnel will be under the operational command of 1 Wing at CFB Kingston, Ont., which is tasked with providing combat-ready support to the Canadian Army. The new squadron’s first commanding officer is LCol Duart Townsend, the last Chinook pilot to be trained as part of the previous 450 Squadron before it was disbanded in 1998.  CFB Petawawa will see various infrastructure projects completed to accommodate the Chinooks. This includes new hangars that will incorporate training, maintenance, operational storage, and logistics. There also will be a new ramp, fuelling facility and aircraft parking apron. “Petawawa was chosen because it provides the best support to army and special operations forces, many of which are collocated there, while minimizing the associated infrastructure costs for the new fleet,” said Gen Walt Natynczyk, who recently retired as Chief of the Defence Staff. “From this location, the Chinooks will maintain a high-readiness posture for rapid deployment.” ….”
  • Remember this call for someone to make hot-weather hybrid combat shirtsPotential vendors get a bit more time to submit their bids – more details here.
  • “The Department of National Defence (DND) has a requirement for the provision of commercial-off-the-shelf Precision (7.62  mm) Weapons ….” –  more details here.
  • Wanted:  someone to help with research into helping things blow up better – some technical details here.
  • “…. DND has an immediate requirement to procure Night Vision camera systems that will physically fit (without third party adapters) on professional camera systems such as the Nikon D4 and the Canon 1D MK III series Digital Single Lens Reflects (DSLR), and the Sony NX5U and HC9 video cameras ….”

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