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TALIBAN PROPAGANDA WATCH – Taliban: What we did in 2012

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USUAL DISCLAIMER: Don’t click on a link to a Taliban or Taliban-affiliated web site if you don’t want the webmaster to get information about you – that’s why I include a link to a non-terrorist page if you want to see what the posting looks like. Sharing this material, straight from Taliban and Taliban-affiliated web pages, doesn’t mean I’m endorsing it or saying it’s necessarily true – just sharing for people who are interested and don’t want to give Taliban pages extra hits. If I can’t find an English version of material, I’ll share Google English – machine translated, not an official human translation.

Mujahidin had great political and military achievements in the year 2012. – Screen capture of full statement at Google Docs
Monday, 04 February 2013 12:52

Last year by the grace of Allah Almighty the justified and holy Jihad of the Islamic Emirate against the occupying forces and their mercenaries reached to the extent that severe blows were given and decisive attacks were carried out against the enemy in the battlefields inflicting enormous casualties on the invaders.

On political front either the maturity, logic and power of the Islamic Emirate became evident and proved to the world. The conferences of Japan and Paris are visible examples for it.

Whatsoever the Americans and their puppet media, hired by dollars, decrease the number of American casualties to hundreds, these claims are absolutely wrong and the figures are fabricated because according to the Wall Street Journal, an American newspaper, last year the number of attacks against Americans exceeds 30 thousand. If the Americans and their puppet media do not admit the killing of four or five soldiers in each attack, they should acknowledge at least one soldier killed and one wounded. And if they do not admit even this, then they will be hiding the sun by just two fingers. But the overall reality is that during last year due to increase of Jihadi attacks in number and strength, heavier than ever financial and corporeal losses were inflicted on the enemy. Moreover the considerable good news for the Afghan nation is that because of military tactics and targeted attacks of Mujahidin, the Americans confessed the abscondence of 30 thousand combatants from Afghanistan. But in reality the number of American soldiers either fled or evacuated is greater than this because in different provinces of Afghanistan most parts are completely freed from the American occupation. Similarly France withdrew all its forces from Afghanistan. The New Zeeland evacuated most of its troops and said about absolute abscondence. Belgium also tied up their bedrolls. The most important thing is the British announcement of getting rid of this grave encumbrance and withdrawal of its troops.

On the other side the year 2012 was fraught with political achievements for Mujahidin. The invitation of the envoys of the Islamic Emirate to various conferences held in Tokyo and France and their the unambiguous stance of ending the invasion are those political accomplishments which undoubtedly exposed all the transgressions of America and NATO in the previous 12 years and step by step revealed to the world their vicious tricks by the names of reconstruction, systemization, human rights and Loya Girga(grand council), planned and convened from time to time, and proved that in the last 12 years the occupiers have either given empty slogans or killed the oppressed Afghans!!!

We tell the trespassers and their stooges that your entire capacity is tested in Afghanistan. You exercised every weapon of brutality and barbarity and utilized numerous satanic deceits of disintegration. Trillions of dollars were extravagantly spent for this purpose. But you saw the results inadvertent in the year 2012. Allah Almighty bestowed Mujahidin with several political and military triumphs. So it is advisable for you not to think, even for a single moment, about the extension of your occupation in Afghanistan because in the year 2013 Afghanistan will be a land where not only human beings but also bushes and stones will show aggression against you and will cool their hearts!!!

Insha-Allah (God willing)!!!


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5 February 13 at 10:00

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