Tidbits from Both Sides of the Fight

What’s Canada Buying? February 9, 2013

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  • Stand by for an “important announcement” Monday morning  “The Honourable Bernard Valcourt, Associate Minister of National Defence and Minister of State (Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency) (La Francophonie), will participate in an important announcement related to how the Government of Canada’s investments in our Canadian Armed Forces are supporting jobs in communities across our country ….” 
  • F-35 Tug o’ War (1a)  One would hope ….  “Test pilot raves about F-35”
  • F-35 Tug o’ War (1b)  Lookit the credentials on him ….  “…. Lockheed Martin test pilot Billie Flynn, a former Canadian Forces CF-18 pilot who commanded a Canadian squadron on NORAD duty in northern Alberta, flew NATO combat missions over Kosovo in 1999, and is married to Canadian astronaut Julie Payette, told The Hill Times the F-35 will outperform Canada’s aging fleet of CF-18 fighters in “dramatic” fashion when it comes to Arctic sovereignty and security patrols—a key aspect in the debate over a new Canadian fighter as the polar ice cap recedes under climate warming ….”
  • F-35 Tug o’ War (1b)  Blogger underwhelmed with test pilot’s assessment of plane he’s paid to fly

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9 February 13 at 13:00

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