What’s Canada Buying? – August 20, 2013

  • More on the Quiet Snowmobile (1)  The Canadian military has been secretly test-driving a $620,000 stealth snowmobile in its quest to quietly whisk troops on clandestine operations in the Arctic.  The Canadian Press has learned that soldiers have taken the new hybrid-electric snowmobile prototype on trial runs to evaluate features such as speed, noise level, battery endurance and acceleration.  The Department of National Defence even has a nickname for its cutting-edge, covert tool: “Loki,” after the “mythological Norse shape-shifting god.”  Word of the federal hunt for a stealth snowmobile first surfaced two years ago when National Defence’s research and development agency posted a public tender.  That 2011 tendering document, however, offered few details on the future of these missions, except for the top priority: silence ….” – more here, here and here.
  • More on the Quiet Snowmobile (2)  Interested in a bit of backstory?  You can find the original 2011 MERX posting and a link to the Statement of Work from the bid document package here.
  • More on the Quiet Snowmobile (3)  A bit of the REST of the story, from the manufacturer  (with a hat-tip to the thinkdefence.co.uk blog for spotting & sharing this) “We woke up this morning and learned that we had been living the geeky engineer’s “dream life” for 15 months from fall 2011 to winter 2012 without even noticing it. According to the media rumor, we spent almost a year and a half working on some crazy stealth snowmobile vehicle straight out of James Bond’s legendary high tech lab operated by Q!  According to press reports, this all started in 2011, when CrossChasm Technologies, was awarded a research and development contract from Defence R&D Canada Suffield in order to research the noise emissions of off road vehicles. As part of this contract, a hybrid snowmobile capable of driving in electric mode had to be developed.  Scenario from a James Bond movie?  Not quite ….”
  • CF:  how should we look for someone to keep our ships overseas topped up and good to go while overseas?  “…. This (Request for Information) is issued by Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) on behalf of the Department of National Defence (DND) to gather information to assist in forming a procurement strategy for supporting naval requirements in various ports around the world. DND has a requirement to obtain deployed support for the RCN in foreign ports where contracted support is required on an if and when requested basis.  Respondents are encouraged to provide ideas and suggestions on how the eventual solicitation (pricing, evaluation components, work scope, etc.) might be structured ….” – more details in the bid document here

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