P.M. News Highlights – October 9, 2014


  • A touch more detail on what Canada’s ground troops are up to, via the LA Times (with a hat tip to 3D’s Mark Collins for sharing) “Though a coalition of Western countries is training Kurdish forces in northern Iraq to more effectively fight Islamic State militants, Kurdish commanders and officers say the effort is moving slowly and not keeping up with the military strength and speed of their enemy …. Much of the peshmerga training is still in the early assessment phase as coalition partners decide who will oversee which aspects, even as Kurdish forces and the Iraqi army engage in daily battle with Islamic State fighters, who are armed with advanced weaponry. The Americans are focusing on command and control issues with the peshmerga leadership. The French are based at a center near Irbil where they are training peshmerga regular and special forces on advanced weapons such as the heavy machine guns. And though Canada is due to provide and train the Kurds to use robots to detect homemade bombs, there hasn’t been any training on how to disarm explosives, the most dangerous threat the peshmerga face and which has accounted for more than 60% of those killed, said Lt. Gen. Jabbar Yawar Manda, secretary-general of the Kurdistan Regional Government’s Ministry of Peshmerga Affairs ….”
  • Some Twitter Thanks from America’s Secretary of State: “Appreciate our friend #Canada’s commitment to coalition to degrade/defeat #ISIL.”

What’s Canada Buying?

Way Up North


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