News Highlights – June 22, 2015


Nathan Cirillo, R.I.P.

Internal Security



  • “NATO praises Petawawa soldiers on Poland mission”
  • Via the Pentagon Info-machine  “Trident Joust main force arrives in Romania —  The main body of NATO forces participating in exercise Trident Joust 15 landed at the Sibiu International Airport today. One hundred and fifteen NATO members from Allied Joint Force Command Naples arrived in a C-17 Globemaster III aircraft, which marks the first time this type of military cargo plane has touched down at the Sibiu Airport.  Trident Joust 15 marks the first time a Joint Force Command headquarters has deployed to Romania, where JFC Naples will train in its position as the 2015 NATO Response Force.  “Exercise Trident Joust began two days ago, its main purpose being to test the capability and responsiveness of Allied Joint Force Command Naples in the role of command and control for the 2015 NATO Response Force,” said Canadian army Lt. Gen. D. Michael Day, the exercise commander and JFC Naples deputy commander. “For the first time, Exercise Trident Joust 15 sees a NATO headquarters proving the ability to shift both the command and control of an operation midway through an exercise, to a forward location, which I assure you, is no small task ….”
  • Commentary  “Unsavoury elements taint Ukrainian regime”

Khadr Boy

Way Up North

Sexual Assault/Harassment in the CF

Veterans & Helping Veterans




World War Two

World War One



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