What’s Canada Buying? – July 23, 2015

  •  Way Up North  Wanted:  “Site Management Services – Rankin Inlet FOL …. The Department of National Defence (DND) has established Forward Operating Locations within Nunavut for the purpose of military deployment into the Canadian north. These locations are intended for occupation by the military on short notice for discontinuous periods during peacetime, and as necessary during civil or military emergencies. Each FOL contains hangars to store six fighter jets, is capable of housing 220 personnel and has a full kitchen.  The FOL site has three buildings heated with either fuel oil or propane. The personnel accommodations building (PAB) has six main furnace/ heating systems. The operations building with six aircraft hangars, has seven furnace/ heating systems.  There is an equipment building which houses equipment for the DND mechanics, supply, engineering, firefighters and mobile support equipment operators. There is various air handling units throughout the buildings. The site also has two back-up generator systems.  Work under this Contract will comprise the supply of all labour, materials, tools, equipment, transportation and supervision necessary to secure, monitor and maintain the Rankin Inlet Forward Operation Location (FOL) at a continual state of readiness and operability for DND occupation ….”
  • Wanted (again):  “Letter of Interest – SLEEPING BAG SYSTEMS …. The purpose of this Letter of Interest (LOI) is to invite industry members from all sectors of the supply chain, relevant to this product, to seek appointments for individual meetings with members of the SBS Project Team. The intended purpose of these ‘one-on-one’ meetings is to solicit feedback from industry on the previously posted and cancelled SBS RFP  W8486-151419/A.  Meetings are not limited to prime contractors. Meetings are not limited to Canadian Suppliers …. This Letter of Interest (LOI) is not a bid solicitation ….”
  • Wanted:  “Request for Abbreviated Proposals for Project Number: N000420: Environmental Site Remediation Services at the Former Canadian Forces Station Moisie in Sept-Iles …. The estimated cost of this project is in the order of magnitude of $5,550,000 ….”
  • Wanted:  “COVER, INDIVIDUAL, CAMOUFLAGE …. The Department of National Defense has a requirement for Temperate Woodland (TW) and Arid (AR) Camouflage screens for individual soldiers to be manufactured in accordance with Annex A, Annex B, Annex C and Annex D.  FIRM QUANTITY:  Temperate Woodland camouflage screens only 6,000 each to be delivered to Montreal, Quebec and 4,000 each to be delivered to Edmonton, Alberta.  FOUR OPTION QUANTITIES:  Temperate Woodland (TW) or Arid (AR) Camouflage screens For a minimum of 1,500 each up to a maximum of 5,000 each per option as required by DND.  All options may be exercised within (48) months from contract award date ….”
  • Wanted:  “Safety Training Courses  …. To provide personnel at 4 Wing Cold Lake with safety training courses to meet training requirements specified in the Canada Labour Code, Treasury Board Occupational Health and Safety Policies, and the Department of National Defence (DND)  General Safety Policy and Standards ….”
  • Wanted:  “HELICOPTER SERVICES …. Canada requires a Contractor to provide the Department of National Defence, the Charterer, with the exclusive services of one (1) float equipped helicopter for the movement of personnel and equipment in support of Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and United States Navy (USN) operations on the Nanoose Range at the Canadian Forces Maritime Experimental and Test Ranges (CFMETR), Nanoose Bay, British Columbia.  The area of operations includes, but is not restricted to, Winchelsea Island, Straits of Georgia and Juan de Fuca, the lower mainland and the State of Washington ….”
  • Wanted:  “Sewing Work for Laying Ranks and Insignia on Military Tunics – DND-Bagotville …. Sew the new Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) ranks and national badges on the tunics of the non-commissioned members and the officers of 3 Wing Bagotville ….”
  • Wanted:  “Paint Exterior Decks – HMCS Halifax …. To provide for all necessary labour, materials, tools, and equipment to carry out paint and preservation of exterior decks onboard H.M.C.S. Halifax …. This work will be carried out for the Department of National Defence, Fleet Maintenance Facility Cape Scott, HMC Dockyard, Halifax, Nova Scotia ….”



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