Tidbits from Both Sides of the Fight News Highlights – August 26, 2015

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Federal Election 2015

What’s Canada Buying?


Internal Security

Way Up North



  • U.S. using Canadian airspace to save time, fuel refuelling mil aircraft  “With innovative thought and hard work, the 128th ARW Airmen created an aerial refueling route that saves travel time and taxpayers’ money when deploying troops overseas.  U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Tyson Krug flips several switches on the control panel, sets his chin on the chinrest and waits. At a steady altitude of 25,000 feet, a Canadian forest can be seen rushing past in a blur below …. Krug was one of the first boom operators to refuel on this newly published track titled the AR-128 East and West Refueling Route.  The AR-128, a refueling route founded by the U.S. Air Force Airmen of the mission planning cell with the 128th Air Refueling Wing, was published in the “Canadian Forces Flight Supplement” handbook June 25, 2015.  The AR-128 is a refueling route, primarily in Canadian airspace, used as a meeting point where 128th ARW KC-135s can transfer fuel to U.S. military deploying aircraft.  The AR-128 was founded to aid deploying aircraft traveling from the West Coast to an overseas area of responsibility such as Iraq or Afghanistan. Previously, deploying aircraft from the West Coast were required to land on the East Coast for fuel before continuing the flight overseas. This resulted in an expensive delay due to aircraft runway and landing fees, as well as providing necessary accommodations for the deploying troops during the layover. However, conducting aerial refueling on the AR-128 cuts costs and travel time down exponentially ….”
  • “The absent: Bedrooms of the fallen a heartbreaking reminder of the cost of war”


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