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What’s Canada Buying? — October 9, 2015

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  • Way Up North   Wanted:  “AIRFIELD LIGHTING …. Department of National Defence (DND), CFB Borden, CFB Trenton and furtherance to CFS Alert have a requirement for airfield lighting ….”
  • Wanted:  “ADVANCE PROCUREMENT NOTICE REHABILITATE NORTH PARK ARMOURY CFB HALIFAX, NS …. The work is for the heritage rehabilitation of the west exterior wall of the North Park Armoury at CFB Halifax, Nova Scotia. The North Park Armoury is a federally designated “Classified” heritage building and part of a National Historic Site …. The project estimated cost is in the order of $15,000,000 ….”
  • Wanted:  “LONG TERM SUPPORT FOR LEOPARD 2 FOV …. The Department of National Defence (DND) has a requirement to support the Leopard 2 FoV until 2035 ….” – more in the Letter of Interest here
  • Wanted:  “AIRCRAFT RENTAL with Pilot(s) …. The intent of this requirement is to provide air support to parachute operations and training when it is not possible to use military air resources to the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF).  The aircraft will primarily be used by Department of National Defense (DND) and the Canadian Army Advanced Warfare Centre (CAAWC) at Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Trenton, Ontario.  The aircraft will be used in support of parachute training at various locations within Canada and the United States.  The aircraft will also be used to support the Canadian Forces Parachute Team (CFPT)  the SkyHawks at various locations within Canada throughout the year ….”
  • Wanted:  “Structural Collapse Technician Cour(se) …. The Royal Canadian Air Force maintains a Light Urban Search And Rescue (LUSAR) capability with a team poised for deployment within 24 hours to any global disaster. In order to sustain this capability there is an annual requirement to conduct a Structural Collapse Technician course to offset attrition due to service requirements.  The objective is to obtain the conduct of a Structural Collapse Technician Course Level I & II for 16 personnel; and a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Squad Leaders course for 4 personnel during the month of October ….”
  • Wanted:  “EMERGENCY MEDICAL CONSULTANT …. The Department of National Defence has a requirement for the provision of expert Emergency Medicine Physician advice on the management of patients to Canadian Forces (CF) Physicians, Medical Technicians and Physician Assistants at sea or other remote locations.  Navy operations may take place anywhere in the world and is variable from year to year depending on operational requirements ….”
  • Wanted:  “Computerized Process and Data Management Systems for Complex Biological Research …. Defence Research and Development Canada – Suffield has a requirement for the development and support of computerized process and data management for complex biological research ….” – a bit more in the Statement of Work here
  • Wanted:  100 x “DEMINERALIZER, WATER, ION EXCHANGE …. Katadyn Produkte AG, Switzerland (S4023) part number 8013414, or equivalent ….”
  • Wanted:  “Tailoring Services, Shilo”“Tailoring and Alteration Services, Greenwood, N.S.”
  • Wanted:  “ACCOMMODATION-CEREMONIAL GUARD …. Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC), on behalf of the Department of National Defense (DND), requires food services and furnished living quarters in the National Capital Region of Canada for the Ceremonial Guard (CG) for specific periods of time. The CG will also require other accommodations, e.g. laundry facilities, common lounge areas, janitorial services, social gathering facilities, athletic facilities, parking spaces, trailer sites, classrooms, lecture hall facilities, office spaces, band rehearsal/practice facilities, a room for weapons storage and parade grounds, both hard and grassed surfaces, for daily formation practice ….”
  • RCAF On The Road (x)  “Vehicle Rental, Miramar …. The Royal Canadian Air Force has a requirement for rental vehicles in Miramar, California, USA between October 20, 2015 and November 24, 2015 ….
  • RCAF On The Road (x)  “AIRCRAFT FUELING SERVICE BOISE IDAHO …. This requirement is for an aircraft fueling service including aviation fuel (Into-Plane), refueling and de-fueling in accordance with one of the industry standards listed in the solicitation documents. Delivery to Boise Air Terminal (ICAO:KBOI)  in Boise, Idaho, USA on an as- and when-requested basis from October 20, 2015 to Dec 31, 2015 ….
  • For the Foodies (1)  Wanted:  “OVERWRAP & BEVERAGE BAGS (2016 IMP) …. Each year, the National Combat Ration Program (NCRP) produces IMPs and LMCs used for training exercises, deployed operations or in emergency situations when the situation does not permit the use of fresh rations. The IMP consists of an average of 20 food and non-food items while the LMC consists of an average of 10 food and non-food items; both are packaged in overwrap bags.  The IMP and LMC components, including the overwraps and the beverage bags, are shipped to the Assembler. His task consists of inserting all the individual components inside the Overwrap. The combat ration assembly process begins in the first days of 2016 ….” – more details (including the entrees that’ll be in the 2016 run o’ ration packs) here
  • For the Foodies (2)  Wanted:  “Box Lunches …. For the supply and delivery of various Sandwiches, Submarine Sandwiches and Box Lunches …. to 8 Wing Trenton, Wing Foods, (Yukon Galley) on an “as and when required” basis ….” – more (including specs & menus – and what’s in a Big Jim sandwich) here



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