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OK, here we have someone who knows what’s what saying the some in the Canadian Army are concentrating on bright, coloured patches while not every soldier can get boots. If this is right, retweet with the #allpipsnoboots hashtag – let’s see of SOMEONE up there listens.

Ted Campbell's Point of View

OK, a few weeks ago I ranted a bit about a pet peeve. Now I have been told that the Army Sergeant Major, on behalf of the Canadian Army Commander, has sent out a message authorizing more fancy badges on the operational, CDPAT, combat uniform …

We’re going to go from this:


To an updated version of this …


I don’t want to join the fashion police except to say that Canadian military personnel need good, durable, comfortable, easy to care for uniforms that “work” in the field and are (reasonably) neat and tidy (smart) in garrison.

What bothers me is that, as I understand it, the Army can still cannot provide boots to (almost) all of its members and the logistics vehicle fleet is still unmaintainable … why, then are warrant officers and colonels and generals worrying about “buttons and bows?”

The answer is simple: there are too damned…

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