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Time for CAF base closures? There was a paper on that …

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This former soldier is calling for base closures and other trimming of the fat of the CAF.

Call me crazy for thinking we should have a bit of a recent, clear idea of what we want the CAF to do before figuring out how much CAF we need, and where.

That said, the pack-rat in me remembered a study done a while back on what bases were considered most important.

Behold — “A Prioritization Methodology to Support Investment Decisions at Major Defence Infrastructure Sites”, (78 page PDF, via dated November 2010.

Here’s the final list the experts came up with – closer to the top = most worth keeping open for a range of factors (REMEMBER, THIS IS A LIST DEVELOPED BY EXPERTS IN 2010, AND DOESN’T REPRESENT ANY FINAL DECISION OR LIST):

Also, LOADS of backstory/discussion from then – and now – here at (DISCLOSURE:  I’m a moderator there).

Download, peruse & enjoy!


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13 January 16 at 22:00

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