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#UKR volunteers claim CDN help building radio monitoring van for UKR army?

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An intriguing Canadian reference of some sort …

The UKR military’s Defence Intelligence web page has a story about volunteers in Zaporizhia having assembled what looks like a radio monitoring van for the UKR army.  Here’s what a 14 Feb 2016 posting at the UKRDefInt page has to say (highlights mine – you can also try this link if the previous one doesn’t work):

“Zaporizhia volunteers developed and sent an intelligence complex to the frontline

Warriors of the 72nd separate mechanized brigade received the complex

There are some inventions of “Army SOS” and some developments of the Canadian intelligence. We united them and created an electronic intelligence vehicle”, – Zaporizhia volunteer Vasyl Mezentsov tells.   Almost a three-month work of the whole volunteer team preceded it.

Having developed the carborne complex, the volunteers gave the servicemen of the 72nd separate mechanized brigade an opportunity to listen to the radio communication of the militants for tens of kilometers. It has saved lives of the defenders of Ukraine many times …”

 The Ukrainian-language version, translated (Google Trans – you can also try this link for the Ukrainian version if the previous one doesn’t work), says this …

” “There are some design” Army SOS “and some developing Canadian intelligence. We joined them and made the car radio intelligence “- says Basil Mezentsov Zaporozhye volunteer. This was preceded by nearly three-month work of a team of volunteers …”

(In case the links above don’t work for you, there’s a screen capture of the English- and Ukrainian-language posts here via

There’s an 8 1/2 minute UKR-language video on YouTube (uploaded 11 Feb 2016), attributed to Public TV Zaporozhye, showing the van, with some views inside ~4 minutes in.  The caption on the YouTube video uses the same wording as the UKRDefInt Ukrainian-language statement.

I’m guessing the video was shot around Christmas time because 1)  there’s a couple of shots in the video of boxes wrapped in festive paper, and 2)  in one of the shots (gotta love the Angry Bird/green piggy hats on the volunteers who helped put this thing together, no?) …


… there’s a little Santa Claus tacked to the front of the van.

The “Army SOS” page says …

“Army SOS Citizen`s Initiative joins people, who are not indifferent to the fate of Ukrainian supporters and patriots – those, who choose to serve Ukraine and protect its sovereignty and integrity.  Army SOS Team unites citizens of Ukraine, Great Britain, USA, Canada and Lithuania …”

… and has a page where you can donate money to help the UKR army.  And where’s the money go?

“We manage purchases of necessary ammunition, shields, intercommunication and reconnaissance facilities, uniforms and food supply. We deliver all goods directly to the unit`s emplacement and pass them right to the hands of our warriors.”

Donations to help the military aren’t unusual in Ukraine – the military itself, so far, has raised more than CDN $8 million (with about CDN $1300 collected so far this year) thought it’s own “operators are standing by” campaign.

So, whaddya think?



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