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I’ve truly tried to give the new federal government the benefit of the doubt, trying to use the same yardsticks to measure them as I’ve used to measure other governments & leaders.

Then, this morning, this paragraph jumped out at me from this article (alternate link here if previous link doesn’t work) on Veterans Affairs Minister Kent Hehr talking about proposed pensions and the court case still in the courts:

“… Hehr told CTV’s Power Play Friday that the government is not “taking veterans to court,” but merely continuing a suit that has been “ongoing for years.” He said the lawsuit “was filed by veterans under the former government as a result of their lack of attention to veterans’ issues.” …”

I’m OK with blaming, in part, the previous government for not doing more.  That said, let’s look at the coloured bits one at a time, shall we?

On the bit in red, the Trudeau Liberals are “continuing a suit”.  Let me put it in short, simple words:

This.  Government.  Could.  Have.  Stopped.  This.  Litigation.

(Before you bash me for being anti-refugee, I’m not — both my parents came here post-WW2 from a war-damaged country.)

It abandoned a case dealing with health benefits for refugees (also here if previous link doesn’t work anymore).

It abandoned another case dealing with rules about country of origin for refugees (also here in case that link doesn’t work anymore).

On that bit in green, both of these abandoned cases were also filed by people “under the former government as a result of their lack of attention” to, in this case, refugee issues.

These were dropped because it was the right thing to do, why wasn’t the veterans’ case dropped?

The government had a chance.

The government chose to continue in court, even when it stopped in other cases.

I continue to remain hopeful about veterans getting what they’re due.  I wish the best of luck to those good people talking to the government on behalf of vets trying to get the best possible deal – keep pressing, all of you.

But I still worry that it’s a potentially huge price tag that prevents quicker action (and kept previous governments, even in a majority position, from going to pensions).  And until someone makes that potential price tag public, nobody’s going to know how much of a sacrifice every Canadian will have to make to support our veterans.

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21 May 16 at 7:37

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