Canadians Mentioned in Latest ISIS Info-machine Mag

I was looking for something else in the latest issue of Dabiq (shared here via Aaron Zelin’s outstanding Jihadology blog), I spotted a couple of references to Canadians who went to fight for ISIS.

The most detailed mention was of two Calgary brothers joining the cause, Collin and Gregory Gordon, who were reported killed in 2014.  I’ve pulled the three-page article and am sharing it here.

A smaller, but somewhat detailed mention, is early on in the mag, mentioning Mohamed Ali Dirie, aka Abul-Muthanna as-Sumali, one of the 2006 “Toronto 18” plotters who did his time, headed to ISIS-land in Syria, and was killed.  The Readers Digest version of his … adventure … is in a footnote on page 9 (also viewable here).

Thanks, again, to Aaron for sharing this and other documents to help us understand what the other side’s thinking (or at least saying).

Remember where you read this first!


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