Tidbits from Both Sides of the Fight #UKR Update: Crimea – What’s Putin Saying?

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For now, instead of just sharing what media says Putin is saying, I’ll share what the Kremlin Info-machine said he said today about Crimea during a news conference on Armenia

Question: I have a question on settlement too, though on a somewhat different subject.  Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov spoke in Baku of the possibility of a Normandy format meeting taking place on the sidelines of the G20 in China. Mr President, what is the likelihood of such a meeting taking place, particularly when, as reports say, the Russian intelligence services have just prevented the Ukrainian intelligence services from carrying out terrorist attacks on Crimean soil?

Vladimir Putin: Yes, these are very worrying reports. Indeed, our intelligence services prevented a sabotage and reconnaissance group from the Ukrainian Defence Ministry from infiltrating Crimean territory. In this situation, a Normandy format meeting would not make much sense right now, all the more so in China.

Judging by the situation, those who seized power in Kiev back then and still hold it now are not seeking the sort of compromise solutions I spoke of with regard to the Nagorno-Karabakh settlement process, and instead of working towards a peaceful solution have decided to turn to terror.

This brings to mind the attempt on the life of the head of the Lugansk People’s Republic, which seems to fit into this same context. And now we have this attempt to infiltrate Crimea. I think that the media have already reported that Russia has casualties and lost two military servicemen in this incident. We cannot ignore such matters, of course.

However, I would like to appeal to our American and European partners too. I think it is now clear to all that the authorities in Kiev today are not looking for a solution to the problem through negotiations, but are resorting to terror. This is a very worrying development.

What we have seen just now in Crimea looks like a foolish and criminal action. It is foolish because you cannot have a positive impact on the people in Crimea in this manner, and it is criminal because people have lost their lives.

However, I think that the situation is actually even more worrying because acts such as this have no sense other than to divert the people in Ukraine itself from the lamentable economic situation and the serious difficulties in which many people there live today.

This attempt to provoke a flare-up of violence and spark a conflict is nothing other than a desire to divert public opinion at home from those who seized power in Kiev and who continue to hold it and to rob their own people in order to remain in power as long as they can and create conditions for continuing to rob their people. This was an act committed using low and base means, and it is a very dangerous game.

We will do everything we can, of course, to ensure security at infrastructure facilities and protect people, and we will take additional security measures, serious additional measures, technical and others.

Most important of all, those who support the current authorities in Kiev must decide just want they want. Do they want their clients to continue carrying out provocations of this kind, or do they want to genuinely reach a peaceful settlement? If they do want this, and I very much hope they do, it is time to finally take some real steps to put the needed pressure on the current authorities in Kiev.

You can read the news conference transcript in Russian here.

More, as I dig it up to share.



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