Tidbits from Both Sides of the Fight Highlights – September 26, 2016

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  • Colonel Ted:  “Everyman (again) on the Middle East (again) — The “quality” press is full of interesting and useful; articles that try to help us make some sense of the situations (there are many) in the Middle East: The Economist reports on the unravelling of the ceasefire in Syria and on Saudi Arabia’s domestic problems with its own “game of thrones” …”
  • DND’s latest on Operation IMPACT
Everyone Else Vs. ISIL
The Kurds
Syria/Refugees in Canada
Ukraine/Cold War 2.0
What’s Canada Buying?
Internal Security
Sexual Assault/Harassment in the CF
Veterans & Helping Veterans (or Not?)
World War Two
World War One



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  1. […] where you read it first😉, 26 Sept 2016:  Wanted:  Research into trying to detect chemical agents using light? – “The Canadian Military Wants to Detect Airborne Bioweapons With […]

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