Highlights – October 4, 2016

Mo’ Peacekeeping/Canada Into Africa?
The Kurds
Cold War 2.0
Way Up North
What’s Canada Buying?
  • If only we’d had a majority government that could have made that happen before … “Colin Kenny: Finally, let’s get our CF-18 replacements off the ground”
  • Wanted:  “Trauma Stimulator Manikins”
  • Wanted:  “International Expedition-Chile … The Royal Canadian Army Cadet Expedition Programme (RCACEP) conducts Army Cadet Adventure Training Activities (ACATA) and expeditions to develop leadership skills, while enhancing self-concepts, such as self-confidence, self-reliance, self-esteem and self-discipline.   An expedition is any activity that consists of dynamic travel of no less than one day in duration with an outdoor overnight component, where there is a clear goal associated with the activity.  Expeditions include ACATA and inherently practice the application of skills learned during local corps training.  The development and execution of the 2017 International Expedition has been tasked to RCSU (Pac).  The expedition will occur in phases  pre-expedition training, the expedition, and cultural visits … “
  • “House of Commons to vote on Arms Export Review Committee”
Internal Security
Sexual Assault/Harassment in the CF


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