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#OpIMPACT: Good to March 2019 …

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… with a few add-ons – more from the Info-machine – highlights mine:

Daesh’s atrocities have led to countless tragedies, not only because of the impact on their immediate victims, but because of the subsequent humanitarian crises and increased forced migration that has affected millions of innocent lives throughout the region. The world has united against Daesh and Canada will defend its interests alongside our allies while working with local partners to establish more stable and secure conditions.

Defence Minister Harjit S. Sajjan and Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland today announced that Canada is renewing its military contribution to the Global Coalition against Daesh until March 31, 2019.

The Coalition has made significant progress in the fight against Daesh in Mosul. As the situation evolves, Coalition allies and partners must remain flexible and adapt to changing threats. This renewed contribution continues the existing advise and assist mission. Within that context, the Canadian Armed Forces will be able to deploy capabilities as needs arise, enabling it to continue to be an effective and relevant contributor to the Global Coalition.

This extension includes the authority to provide training for new potential partners within the Iraqi security forces and a CC-130J Hercules aircraft for tactical airlift.

As outlined in Canada’s new defence policy, the government is dedicated to working with Coalition allies and partners to deter and defeat potential adversaries. Canada’s contributions to the Global Coalition against Daesh demonstrate our commitment to addressing the threat stemming from violent extremist organizations such as Daesh, and respond to the needs of conflict-affected people in Iraq, Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon.

A bit more at the linked announcement.


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