Mo’ Canadian “Mercenaries” Reported in #UKR

This week, from the separatist info-machine …

And this, from the CAF:

“While CAF personnel are involved in training activities in different locations in Ukraine, they are always a significant distance from conflict areas in eastern Ukraine, including Donetsk and Avdiivka.”

So, if there are Canadians delivering military instruction in Ukraine’s war zone, I guess it’s not Canadian military delivering the instruction.

Previous mentions of Canadian mercs & ne’er do wells being where they’re not supposed to be by separatist & Russian media here, here and here.

Keep enjoying the separatist lies creativity!


5 thoughts on “Mo’ Canadian “Mercenaries” Reported in #UKR

  1. So, are these instructors, like that ‘instructor’ in Iraq, who beat world record with his sniper’s skills?..

    BTW, IF those Canadian instructors spotted in war zone are not part of Cdn military, by definition, they are Canadian mercenaries.


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