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Taliban Propaganda Watch: Bowe Bergdahl

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Given the apparent demand, here’s what the Taliban is saying on its “Voice of Jihad” web pageabout the Bowe Bergdahl prisoner swap – usual caveats about clicking on the bad guy’s links, etc.


“al-Imārah Studio presents a new video message from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “Exchange of Prisoners Between the Islamic Emirate and U.S. Government” “  (links to analyst blog

“Statement of the Islamic Emirate about the release of five heads from ‘Guantanamo Jail’ “  (screen capture at non-terrorist site here)
Created on Sunday, 01 June 2014 07:34

We heartily congratulate the whole nation, Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate, particularly the kith and kin of the released ones that five heads of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan namely Mulla Muhammad Fazal Akhund, Mulla Noorulla Noori, Mulla Khairulla Khairkhwa, Mulla Abdul Haq Waseeq and Moulavi Muhammad Nabi who had been incarcerated for the last thirteen years in ‘Guantanamo Jail’ are released due to the benevolence of Allah Almighty and the sacrifices of the heroic and courageous Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate.

These five heads were released in the result of an indirect negotiation between the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and the United States mediated by Qatari government. They will remain with their families inside Qatar and will lead a normal life.

To get the preceding five heads released, it is worth mentioning that the Islamic Emirate handed over the American soldier to the US who was captive with us approximately for the last five years.

These five heads of the Islamic Emirate were handed over on Saturday at 07:00 pm Afghanistan standard time to the delegation of Qatar who has been waiting there in ‘Guantanamo Bay’ for the previous three days. This delegation, including five heads of the Islamic Emirate, left Guantanamo at 10:00 pm and will arrive in Qatar today Sunday. They will be received and welcomed by the Political Bureau of the Islamic Emirate inside Qatar and members of the leading council of the Islamic Emirate. Similarly, the American prisoner ‘Bergdahl’ was handed over in the suburbs of ‘Khost’ province to the other side on Saturday at 07:00 pm Afghanistan standard time.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has been taking all possible measures since long to get all the Afghan prisoners released whether they are incarcerated inside the country or outside and to let them enjoy a free and peaceful life.

In the future too, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is determined to get all the Mujahidin prisoners released as soon as possible. In this regard, we expect all the legal and human rights societies particularly the United Nations to share and accelerate their efforts with Afghan people and the Islamic Emirate on the basis of human sympathy so that all the incarcerated people are freed and their basic legal and human rights are safeguarded and they could lead an independent and peaceful life of their own accord.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

“Felicitation message of esteemed Amir-ul-Momineen (May Allah safeguard him) regarding the release of Jihadi heads from ‘Guantanamo Jail’ “ (screen capture at non-terrorist site here)
Created on Monday, 02 June 2014 08:31

I would like to congratulate from the core of my heart the whole Afghan nation, the devoted Mujahidin and the kith and kin of the prisoners on the auspicious occasion of this great achievement of the release of five distinguished Mujahidin heads from the ‘Guantanamo Jail’.

All praise is to Allah Almighty! Due to the benevolence of Allah Almighty, the enormous sacrifices of courageous Mujahidin and the statesmanship of the Political Bureau of the Islamic Emirate in Qatar, five prominent heads of the Islamic Emirate are soundly released from the ‘Guantanamo Jail’.

This huge and vivid triumph requires from all Mujahidin to offer thanks to the Benevolent Creator who accepted the sincere sacrifices of our Mujahid nation and managed the release of these five renowned Mujahidin from the enemy’s clutch.

The efforts and endeavors of all Mujahidin, leading council of the Islamic Emirate, the detainers and keepers of the American prisoner ‘Bergdahl’ and generally the whole nation which played a significant role in this colossal victory are appreciated and I beg even deeper divine help, guidance and favorable turn of circumstances for all of them.

I would like to thank his highness ‘Shaikh Tameem Bin Hamd Al-Thani’ the Amir of Qatar, for his sincere and friendly efforts and mediation in the release of these five prominent Mujahidin heads. I pray to Allah Almighty to reward him reciprocally in this world and in the world hereafter.

May Allah Almighty get, just like these five heads, all those oppressed prisoners released who are incarcerated in the path of liberating their country and serving their creed.

This huge accomplishment brings the glad tidings of liberation of the whole country and reassures us that our aspirations are on the verge of fulfillment, Insha-Allah.

And it is never hard for Allah Almighty.

Servant of Islam, Mulla Mohammad Omar Mujahid

03/07/1435 A.H. (Lunar)
11/03/1393 A.H. (Solar)        01/06/2014 A.D.

“The release of prominent heads brings the glad tidings of the absolute freedom of our homeland!”  (screen capture at non-terrorist site here)
Created on Friday, 06 June 2014 09:06

Five significant and distinguished heads of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan were swapped for a an American prisoner, Bowe Bargdahl, on 31st May 2014 and just one day later, on 1st June 2014, at 03:00 pm Afghanistan standard time, these renowned heads of the Islamic Emirate arrived at ‘Doha’ the capital of Qatar where they were warmly received by the head of Political Bureau and its members. Verily it is a huge achievement.

It was an impressive and remarkable occasion when the officials of the Islamic Emirate were welcoming their significant and commendable heads namely Mulla Mohammad Fazil (commander in-chief of the Islamic Emirate government), Mulla Noorulla Noori (in-charge of northern zone and governor of Balkh province), Mulla Khairulla Khairkhuwa (interior minister then in-charge of south-western zone and governor of Herat province), Mulla Abdul Haq Waseeq (deputy director general of Intelligence department) and Mulla Mohammad Nabi Omari (commander of frontiers’ brigade) having been outside their nearest and dearest and beloved country for a prolonged period of thirteen years. They were bright to sight and heart’s delight.

Verily it was a remarkable occasion of delight which conveyed the glad tidings of the absolute freedom of Afghanistan. It was a tangible outcome of the sincere sacrifices of Martyrs and Mujahidin which were honestly rendered in the path of Allah Almighty and in the service of Islam. It was an explicit favor and benevolence of Allah Almighty; it was a great victory for Mujahidin who sacrificed their lives for making it feasible; it was the logical outcome of guidance of the leadership of Islamic Emirate and the endeavors of its Political Bureau inside Qatar.

Verily, by the grace of Allah Almighty, it has been a historical glory that they have preserved their patience, faithfulness and determination. With the support of Allah Almighty, peace stability and an Islamic government will be restored inside Afghanistan in the near future in which the masses will be served in all walks of their lives i.e. socially, economically and educationally.

The felicitation message of the esteemed Amir-ul-Mominin (may Allah safeguard him) contains explicitly allusion to the success of this Jihadi caravan. It seems that his Excellency is fully confident that the issues and sufferings of the oppressed people of Afghanistan will be resolved in the near future. A part of his message says that this significant achievement gives us the glad tidings of liberation of the whole country. It encourages us that, Insha-Allah, (God willing) the aspirations of the Mujahid people of Afghanistan will be fulfilled very soon. And it is never hard for Allah Almighty!!!



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6 June 14 at 7:00 News Highlights – March 14, 2014

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Two Canadians Killed in Kabul Suicide Bombing

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This from Foreign Affairs, Trade & Development Canada:

“Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird today issued the following statement following a deadly terrorist attack on a restaurant in Kabul which has claimed the lives of many, and left many more injured. At this point, we can confirm that two Canadian citizens have died in the attack.

“Canada condemns in the strongest possible terms the targeted, cowardly terrorist attack today on a restaurant in Kabul.

“On behalf of all Canadians, we extend our sincerest condolences to the families and friends of those who were killed and injured in this horrible and senseless act of terror.

“Acts of brutal terror cannot be allowed to go unpunished. Those who perpetrated this act of violence and those who support the Taliban, who have claimed responsibility for the attack, must be held accountable.

“This attack only enhances our resolve to combat terrorism in all its forms. Canada is committed to the people of Afghanistan and to those who believe Afghanistan can one day see peace, security and prosperity.”

Due to privacy concerns, and out of respect for the families of those Canadians killed in today’s attack, further information will not be made available.”

This, from The Canadian Press:

“Two Canadians were among 16 people who died in a brutal suicide attack on Friday at a restaurant in the Afghanistan capital of Kabul, Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird’s office confirmed. There was no further information about the two Canadian victims. Baird’s office said it could not release further information due to privacy concerns.

Canada is winding up a military training mission in Afghanistan, but sources in the Department of National Defence said that no uniformed personnel were among the casualties.

The restaurant is located close to Canada’s embassy in Kabul and is a popular spot for Canadians living and visiting the capital.


Afghan officials said a suicide bomber blew himself up outside La Taverna du Liban, which was filled with foreigners and affluent Afghans, while two gunmen snuck in through the back door and opened fire.

The Taliban claimed responsibility within an hour of the attack ….”

This, from the Taliban (also downloadable here if you don’t want to click to a Taliban web site):

“The coordinated group martyrdom attack which struck the restaurant ‘Taverna du Liban’ of foreign invaders at 07:30 pm last night lasted till 09:30 pm local time in which the invaders suffered heavy losses, according to officials.

The target of the attack was a restaurant frequented by high ranking foreigners located on 14th street of Wazir Akbar Khan area in Kabul city where the invaders used to dine with booze and liquor in the plenty.

The successful operation was carried out very professionally by 3 heroic martyrdom seekers of Islamic Emirate armed with heavy and light weapons as well as explosives vests.

The attack was in retaliation to the massacre carried out by foreign invaders 2 days earlier in Parwan province’s Siyah Gerd district where the enemy airstrikes destroyed up to 10 homes, razed several orchards as well as killing and wounding up to 30 innocent civilians mostly defenseless women and children.

Reliable information received up to this point indicate that the successful revenge operation resulted in 29 high ranking foreign invaders and 8 hireling Afghans killed as well as tens of others wounded.

The inconsistent and contradictory reports handed out by the security forces of the stooge Kabul regime regarding the attack in itself show the precision and heavy toll inflicted by the powerful operation.

The fighting finally came to an end two hours later when the last Mujahid embraced martyrdom after delivering a heavy admonitory blow to the enemy which they shall never forget ….”

More, as it comes out.

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18 January 14 at 8:23 News Highlights – June 19, 2013

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19 June 13 at 7:45 News Highlights – June 18, 2013

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  • Afghanistan (1)  CF publishes latest stats on dead & wounded in Afghanistan
  • Afghanistan (2)  The Canadian Forces has reversed its decision to discharge a Canadian soldier who testified about his struggle for health benefits and his long recovery from injuries suffered in the Afghanistan warVancouver-native Cpl. Glen Kirkland, who almost died while serving in Afghanistan five years ago when he was attacked by the Taliban, was informed by the military he could stay in the army until he qualifies for a 10-year indexed pension.  According to the Department of National Defence and the Canadian Forces, if a CF member is released from duty because of a disability, they are entitled to an unreduced pension if they have accumulated 10 year of pensionable service.  The military’s decision comes a day after Kirkland was notified he was going to be discharged in six months — despite assurances from Defence Minister Peter MacKay in the House of Commons that he would not suffer “ramifications” for speaking out …. Tuesday’s decision comes after Mackay called Vice-Chief of Defence Staff Bruce Donaldson late Monday night and ordered him to reverse the military’s decision to discharge Kirkland.  The outcome of that call was revealed on Tuesday when NDP MP Peter Stoffer asked MacKay in the House of Commons if he was going to follow through on his promise that Kirkland would not suffer any ramifications for testifying about his experience as an injured veteran …” here’s an exchange with the Liberal defence critic earlier in the session confirming the same thing
  • Taliban Propaganda Watch  Taliban Info-machine:  Islam says suicide bombing is wrong, so we do “martyrdom operations” instead! (links to non-jihadi site)
  • Canadian Forces Base Kingston went into lockdown Tuesday afternoon after a gunshot was heardA soldier stationed at the base was found in a wooded area shortly after the shot was heard, which drew a response from Kingston and Military Police.  The soldier died at the scene.  “Shortly before 3 p.m., we did receive a call regarding an incident on base at CFB Kingston,” said Const. Steve Koopman. “We’re assisting the military police with an investigation in regards into what we’re describing as an incident.”  While the lockdown was imposed as a precaution, no one else was harmed in the incident. The soldier took his own life.  “At roughly 3:30 p.m., or a little bit after, we feel the incident has been resolved, meaning there’s no direct threat to our knowledge to the public, specific organization or individual at this point in time,” Koopman said ….”
  • Nova Scotia, town wants to move an airport to CFB Greenwood to make way for a (possible) factory  “Municipal council in the Annapolis Valley have decided to relocate a local airport in order to make way for a possible expansion of a Michelin Tire plantThe decision regarding the Waterville municipal airport was made Tuesday following an update to Kings County council on a study exploring the potential expansion of the Michelin Tire plant in Waterville. The plant is located next to the airport.  The French tire giant has said there is no guarantee of an expansion, but it wants to be able to move quickly if it decides to do so.  In a news release, the Department of Economic Development said it would work with the municipality to look at the possibility of relocating the airport at Canadian Forces Base Greenwood.  The department said a letter would be sent to the base to request a feasibility study ….”
  • Commander in Chief’s headed out east, visiting 5 Wing in Goose Bay today
  • Syria  “Canada has no plans to revisit its decision not to send military aid to Syrian rebels, something U.S. President Barack Obama is reportedly consideringSenior Canadian officials travelling with Prime Minister Stephen Harper on a trip to Europe said Ottawa has not changed its position on the issue despite the rapid advances the Assad regime has made in its efforts to crush rebel forces in Syria.  The Harper government has repeatedly expressed concerns about the possibility of weapons supplied to the rebels ending up in the hands of Al Qaeda-linked groups that are part of the forces challenging Syrian President Bashar Assad.  “Arming unnamed people whose identities we do not know and whose objectives we do not understand, I think is extremely risky,” Harper said last month ….”
  • The first period of Maple Flag has just ended and, said the program’s co-ordinator, it went well.  Major Forrest Rock said the annual exercise is rooted very much in reality.  “We basically take what exists in the world today and make it unclassified,” in order to train war fighters in state war scenarios, said Rock.  With the exercises, a fighter should be ready to go to war if need be, he added.  Rock said Maple Flag is a graduation exercise for those having taken the Fighter Weapons Instructor Course. Others have taken the Tactical Electronic Warfare Instructor Course.  “There’s a very heavy draw on all the Air Forces resources out there,” Rock commented.  This year’s participants in Period 1 included, besides Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Belgium and, for the first time, Colombia. Period two’s participants will include Singapore, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States.  Rock said Maple Flag’s biggest benefit is “the opportunity to train with NATO and non-NATO partners.” The unrestricted airspace around Cold Lake also lends itself well to the exercises, he added ….” – more on Maple Flag from the RCAF Info-machine here
  • Way Up North (1)  “A pair of think-tanks say the Harper government should either announce plans to scrap its glitch-plagued submarine fleet — or begin the process of replacing them before any more tax dollars are wasted.  The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives and the Rideau Institute say the Victoria-class submarines, purchased second-hand from Britain in the late 1990s, are within a decade of ending their service life, and have never lived up to expectations.  A report written by defence and law academic Michael Byers and researcher Stewart Webb asks whether Canada, bordered on three sides by oceans, even needs submarines.  Byers says he doesn’t see a strong case for submarines, but remains open-minded and would like to see the government make a coherent case for the capability.  He says the stealth coastal surveillance aspects of subs is rapidly being overtaken by unmanned aerial vehicle technology ….” – more details in the report, “That Sinking Feeling:  Canada’s Submarine Program Springs a Leak,”, here
  • Way Up North (2)  Commentary:  why not protect the north from a different part of the north?  “The only reasonable approach to Canada’s northern development and Arctic sovereignty is to focus initial efforts on the Port of Churchill on the west coast of Hudson Bay, and secondarily on Rankin Inlet, which is further up the same coast.  Attempts to support national security, aboriginal communities, scientific research, environmental protection and resource exploration by annual sealifts and air freight are not economically viable. Lower cost and greater frequency forms of logistics and operations are required to provide for a safe and prosperous northern future ….”
  • A new face on the Veterans Review and Appeal Board (will that make a difference if the rules don’t change?)  “The Honourable Steven Blaney, Minister of Veterans Affairs and Minister for La Francophonie, …. announced a new and highly qualified appointment to the Veterans Review and Appeal Board (VRAB) in Veteran Owen Parkhouse, CD, MA. In addition to his duties as a Member, Mr. Parkhouse will also serve as the Board’s Vice Chair. This marks the first time in the history of the Board that a member with his military credentials has held a senior leadership position.  The appointment was made in accordance with VRAB’s merit-based selection process. Through this appointment, Minister Blaney is continuing to honor his commitment made to Veterans and stakeholders’ organizations to increase the number of Board members with military backgrounds …. Owen Parkhouse began his career in the military within the ranks, eventually receiving a commission before retiring as a lieutenant-commander. Following his military career, Mr. Parkhouse was employed within the Operational Stress Injury Social Support (OSISS) program as a project coordinator, development officer and peer support coordinator ….”
  • Defence Minister Peter MacKay says the country’s top-secret eavesdropping agency is barred from spying on Canadians. He is wrong.  In fact, the little-known Communications Security Establishment Canada is specifically mandated to intercept telephone or Internet communications involving Canadians — as long as it does so in an effort to gather foreign intelligence.  Indeed, when CSEC does think its snooping activities might ensnare Canadians — or even non-citizens who happen to be in Canada — it is required by law to get authorization from the defence minister. In 2011-12, the last year for which figures are available, eight such ministerial authorizations — all of unknown size and scope — were in play ….”
  • Opposition parties are calling for greater oversight of Canada’s spy agencies as questions continued to swirl about the size and scope of super-secret U.S. and Canadian surveillance programs.  Concerns about Canada’s spy agencies existed even before it was learned over the past week that the U.S. National Security Agency and the Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC) have been mining Internet and telephone records from around the world.  But those revelations have given extra impetus to calls for the need to ensure a proper balance between national security and privacy protection, as well as better ways to monitor the activities of agencies that largely operate in the shadows ….”
  • Chiheb Esseghaier shuffled to the prisoner’s dock on Monday, his ankles bound in shackles, for what would be another lesson in his crash course in Canadian law.  Esseghaier is one of two men charged with terror-related offences in relation to a plot to derail a Via Rail passenger train somewhere between Toronto and New York City.  But his demand for a defence based on the Qur’an rather than the Criminal Code has thrown a wrench into even some of the routine proceedings in this case, and is proving difficult to accommodate.  Criminal defence lawyer Nader Hasan, a member of Canadian Muslim Lawyers Association, says he does not believe Esseghaier can get the lawyer he wants.  “You cannot answer those charges without resorting to law based on man-made Canadian Criminal code and Canadian constitutional principles,” Hassan said.  Not only does he think Esseghaier will not find the lawyer he wants, Hassan says the accused is potentially ignoring Islamic law.  “As a Muslim I know enough to know that Muslims, whether they live in a Muslim majority country or a majority non-Muslim county they have an obligation to follow the law of the state,” he said ….” – more here

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