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Federal Budget 2015 – Defence/Veteran Highlights

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This from the main budget document:

…. Defending Canada
– Strengthening the Canadian Armed Forces by providing $11.8 billion over 10 years through an increase to the annual escalator for National Defence’s budget to 3 per cent, starting in 2017
– Providing up to $360.3 million in 2015 for the Canadian Armed Forces to extend its mission to counter the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).
– Providing $7.1 million in 2015-16 for the Canadian Armed Forces to deliver training assistance to the Ukrainian Security Forces.
– Providing $23 million over four years on a cash basis, starting in 2015–16, to upgrade the physical security of Canadian Armed Forces bases.

Enhancing National Security
– Investing $292.6 million over five years in intelligence and law enforcement agencies for additional investigative resources to counter terrorism.
– Providing $12.5 million over five years, starting in 2015–16,  and $2.5
million ongoing thereafter, in additional funding to the Security Intelligence Review Committee to enhance its review of the Canadian Security  Intelligence Service.
– Providing $58 million over five years , starting in 2015–16, to further protect the Government of Canada’s essential cyber systems and critical infrastructure against cyberattacks.
– Investing $36.4 million over five years to support the operators of Canada’s vital cyber systems in addressing cyber security threats, as required by new legislation.
– Providing $60.4 million over three years on a cash basis to support an
enhanced security model on Parliament Hill

Protecting the Integrity of Our Borders
– Providing $15.7 million over five years to expand eligibility for
the Electronic Travel Authorization to low-risk travellers from Brazil, Bulgaria, Mexico and Romania to make it easier and faster for legitimate travellers from these countries to come to Canada


Taking Action for Veterans
– Introducing a new Retirement Income Security Benefit to provide additional financial security after the age of 65 for moderately to severely disabled veterans.
– Expanding access to the Permanent Impairment Allowance to help compensate disabled veterans for the loss of career opportunities associated with their disabilities.
– Modifying the Earnings Loss Benefit to ensure that part-time Reserve Force veterans have access to the same level of income support as Regular and full-time Reserve Force veterans.
– Creating a new tax-free Family Caregiver Relief Benefit to recognize the vital contributions of informal caregivers to the health and well-being of veterans.
– Increasing the level of individualized care to veterans requiring regular support by improving the ratio of veterans to case managers ….

More, tomorrow ….

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Attacks on CF in Canada



Internal Security

Way Up North




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Proposed Motion for #CANvsISIL Mission Extension

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This text, on the motion to be considered today, from The Canadian Press:

“That, whereas
(i) the terrorist group known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) has repeatedly called on its members to target Canada and Canadians at home and abroad;

(ii) ISIL poses a clear and active threat to the people of the Middle East, including members of vulnerable religious and ethnic minority groups who have been subjected to a brutal and barbaric campaign of sexual violence, murder, and intimidation by ISIL;

(iii) unless confronted with strong and direct force, the threat that ISIL poses to Canada and to international peace and security, will grow;

(iv) Canada desires, consistent with Canadian values and interests, to protect the vulnerable and innocent civilians of the region, including through urgent humanitarian assistance;

(v) the Government of Iraq has requested military support against ISIL from members of the international community, including from the Government of Canada;

(vi) Canada is part of a broader international coalition of allies and partners, including numerous countries of the Middle East, committed to the fight against ISIL;

(vii) the United Nations Security Council remains seized of the threat posed by international terrorism with the unanimous passage of the United Nations Security Council resolution 2178;

(viii) the deployment of Royal Canadian Air Force assets has played an important role in degrading, destabilising, and weakening ISIL’s position and operations in the region;

(ix) the advise and assist mission of the Canadian Special Operations Forces in Northern Iraq has increased the capabilities of Kurdish-Iraqi Security Forces to combat ISIL; and

(x) continuing to degrade ISIL will require striking its operations and infrastructure where they are located, including in Syria;

Accordingly, this House

(a) continues to support the Government’s decision to contribute Canadian military assets to the fight against ISIL, and terrorists aligned with ISIL, including air strike capability with authorization to conduct airstrikes in Iraq and Syria;

(b) supports the Government’s decision to extend the mission to a date not beyond March 30, 2016;

(c) notes that the Government continues not to deploy troops in a ground combat role; and

(d) offers its resolute and wholehearted support to the brave men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces who stand on guard for all of us.”

More, as it gets debated.

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Attacks on CF in Canada


World War Two


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Saint-Jean Attack Update: More on the Attacker

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According to some French media accounts (here and here) ….

  • Neighbours speaking to reporters say Martin Rouleau (a.k.a. Ahmad Rouleau) “had grown a beard and wore a turban and djellaba regularly.”
  • Rouleau’s parents appear to have contacted police about their son’s behaviour, specifically because “he wanted to go and join the fighters of the Islamic state, a terrorist group that Canada has agreed to fight in Syria and Iraq”.
  • Authorities reportedly took away Rouleau’s passport.
  • “During the short pursuit that followed, the suspect may have contacted 911 indicating that it was “in the name of Allah.” “
  • “He also attended the mosque of the Muslim Association of Haut-Richelieu in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Montérégie.  VAT News was able to speak with a member of this place of worship has condemned the action of Mr. Rouleau Couture.  “He came back, but it’s long since we had not seen. I did not see any change in his character, “said the volunteer.  “We were discussing Islam. I’ve never asked him questions about his conversion.”  Asked about the events of the day, the man said that it gave a “bad image” of Islam.  “…. I did not think he would do that, “he said.”\

For more, here’s Ahmad Rouleau’s Facebook page, Ahmad Rouleau’s Twitter feed ( with who he was following on Twitter) and his Uumaland (“Social Network for Muslims”) profile  (while they’re all still online).

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“Soldier struck in Quebec has died: police”

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This from CTV News:

One of the two soldiers struck by a car in Quebec died late Monday in hospital, police confirmed Tuesday morning.

The soldier’s identity and age have yet to be released. However, the soldier was one of two Canadian Forces members who was struck by a car in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu in what is being described as a possible terror attack, CTV’s Montreal Bureau Chief Genevieve Beauchemin reported early Tuesday ….

Condolences to the family, colleagues and friends of the victim.

More news here and here.

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