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2 July 15 at 16:00

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Happy Canada Day 2015!

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Happy 148th, Canada ….


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1 July 15 at 1:00

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Finding truth amidst the lies about Russia & the Ukrainian civil war

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Some good tips here – enjoy!

Originally posted on The Fabius Maximus website:

Summary: Today we look at off-road sources of information about the world (especially wars), used by those who seek more than the polished narrow narratives of the western news media. What do we seek? Are we gathering information, or finding only new sources of propaganda? Answers and advice follow, using examples from the Ukraine Civil War. Post your thoughts in the comments.  {2nd of 2 posts today}

The Truth is Out There

The western news media deliver a richly detailed and polished narrative about our world. The information highway takes those seeking more detail or different perspectives to a vast array of websites offering what seem to be reliable pictures of conflicts in the far corners of the world. Usually described in the first or second person, often with graphics, pictures, or videos as evidence, they give dissidents from the mainstream worldview confidence that theirs is a more accurate worldview. Are they correct?

A frustrating…

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26 June 15 at 18:18

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“Spetsnaz: Russia’s special forces”

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Originally posted on In Moscow's Shadows:

Johnny Shumate's preliminary sketch for colour plate of a Spetsnaz sniper Johnny Shumate’s preliminary sketch for colour plate of a Spetsnaz sniper

I’m very happy to be able to note that my latest compact book from Osprey is out this week. Spetsnaz: Russia’s special forces is, in my admittedly hardly humble opinion the most comprehensive work on Russia’s special forces yet out in English, taking to task many of the myths both old and new about these guys (not least, the idea that they are all some kind of Slavic ninjas), exploring their role in operations ranging through Civil War pacifications, through Afghanistan and to the seizure of Crimea, and considering what they can and, just as importantly, cannot do. Orders of battle, anecdotes about some of their members and operations, and Johnny Shumate‘s amazing colour plates, what more could you want? Available in both paperback and ebook formats.

Here’s the official blurb:

When the shadowy, notorious Spetsnaz were first formed…

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26 June 15 at 13:57

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How to spot Fake Russian News

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Here’s how you learn the REST of the story – well done!

Originally posted on To Inform is to Influence:

I was perusing RIA Novosti’s website at, and came across an interesting title.

Wow, I thought.  That report has extraordinary insight, I wonder how they got that information.

I followed the link to Media: the General Staff Armed Forces of Ukraine talk about drinking, psychosis and desertion of soldiers and, lo and behold, there was a link to the report on which this article was based.

This, by itself, is highly unusual.  Usually there are few external links, making tracking down the source of the information difficult, at best.

This lead me to The moral…

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26 May 15 at 7:21

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Federal Budget 2015 – Defence/Veteran Highlights

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This from the main budget document:

…. Defending Canada
– Strengthening the Canadian Armed Forces by providing $11.8 billion over 10 years through an increase to the annual escalator for National Defence’s budget to 3 per cent, starting in 2017
– Providing up to $360.3 million in 2015 for the Canadian Armed Forces to extend its mission to counter the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).
– Providing $7.1 million in 2015-16 for the Canadian Armed Forces to deliver training assistance to the Ukrainian Security Forces.
– Providing $23 million over four years on a cash basis, starting in 2015–16, to upgrade the physical security of Canadian Armed Forces bases.

Enhancing National Security
– Investing $292.6 million over five years in intelligence and law enforcement agencies for additional investigative resources to counter terrorism.
– Providing $12.5 million over five years, starting in 2015–16,  and $2.5
million ongoing thereafter, in additional funding to the Security Intelligence Review Committee to enhance its review of the Canadian Security  Intelligence Service.
– Providing $58 million over five years , starting in 2015–16, to further protect the Government of Canada’s essential cyber systems and critical infrastructure against cyberattacks.
– Investing $36.4 million over five years to support the operators of Canada’s vital cyber systems in addressing cyber security threats, as required by new legislation.
– Providing $60.4 million over three years on a cash basis to support an
enhanced security model on Parliament Hill

Protecting the Integrity of Our Borders
– Providing $15.7 million over five years to expand eligibility for
the Electronic Travel Authorization to low-risk travellers from Brazil, Bulgaria, Mexico and Romania to make it easier and faster for legitimate travellers from these countries to come to Canada


Taking Action for Veterans
– Introducing a new Retirement Income Security Benefit to provide additional financial security after the age of 65 for moderately to severely disabled veterans.
– Expanding access to the Permanent Impairment Allowance to help compensate disabled veterans for the loss of career opportunities associated with their disabilities.
– Modifying the Earnings Loss Benefit to ensure that part-time Reserve Force veterans have access to the same level of income support as Regular and full-time Reserve Force veterans.
– Creating a new tax-free Family Caregiver Relief Benefit to recognize the vital contributions of informal caregivers to the health and well-being of veterans.
– Increasing the level of individualized care to veterans requiring regular support by improving the ratio of veterans to case managers ….

More, tomorrow ….

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21 April 15 at 18:13

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Attacks on CF in Canada



Internal Security

Way Up North




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3 April 15 at 8:55

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