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CF IN HAITI: CF Flying Canadians Outta HTI, Ships are On Their Way

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Some updates:

  • A new page is now available via the CF containing background information on OP Hestia here.
  • CanWest says, “The federal government has begun airlifting Canadians from Haiti, and may institute a humanitarian immigration program to allow hundreds or thousands of Haitians into Canada ….  The first 100 Canadians removed from Haiti by Canadian military are en route to Montreal via the Dominican Republic and are scheduled to arrive at 10:05 PM. ET Thursday at Pierre Trudeau International airport.” (More on that from here)
  • The CF says HMCS Halifax and HMCS Athabaskan are now on their way south to Haiti.
  • Last night, Liberal defence critic Ujjal Dosanjh expressed his opinion on the relief effort via Twitter: “Canada should be in Haiti faster and more than we are. Time to speed up, Mr Harper.”  Today, he’s refined his position:  “i understand Harper is responding well to the needs in Haiti.”  More discussion on that here at

For more news, check out these sites:

Any other good places to keep track of what’s happening?  Don’t be afraid to share.


HAITI: How’s Canada’s Military Helping?

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You’ve heard about the earthquake in Haiti.  Before I go into how the CF is helping, here’s some links to good news resources to keep track of what’d happening in Haiti:

If you know any other resources, PLEASE let us know via comments below – always happy to share.

As for the CF presence, it’s already got a name:  Operation HESTIA (reportedly named for the Greek godess of the hearth fire or fireplace).  They even have a web page to follow the military support.

Media and other open sources indicate the following:

Safe travels to all the folks headed to Haiti to help out.

More, as I have time to plug it in.