Highlights – 1 Oct 10

Main website’s on the fritz, so I’m sharing some Canadian military news tidbits that catch my eye here – enjoy!


Latest Steps in Mission Messaging Mambo ©

Oh my, it doesn’t get clearer quickly, does it?

The latest, from the PM speaking to Global News in Edmonton:

“We are very much planning to have the military mission end in 2011 …. The plan is to move to a civilian, development, humanitarian mission.”

Does this mean the PM’s spokesperson mispoke, then?  If he did, I think we would have heard about it pretty damned quickly.

OK, this is getting old.  With all the reporters asking people about this, you’d think we’d be at least starting to get a bit closer to some clarification, no?

How’s this for a clarifying question to get answered:

Will there be any Canadian Forces troops left in Afghanistan after 2011?  If so, what will they be doing?

Will someone please ask these questions and put us out of our misery?  Please?  Would that be so hard?

Then again, there could be one reason or another why we’re NOT getting clarity on this issue.

UPDATE:  Gotta agree with Mark’s take at The Torch.