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  • Here’s a bit more information and context behind at least one of the Challenger trips Chief of Defence Staff Walt Natynczyk in the media lately.
  • Afghanistan (1)  What the CF is doing about cleaning up the ground underneath what’s soon to be their former base in Kandahar.  “Master Corporal Ken Stewart has an important job. The water, fuel and environment technician (WFE tech) is responsible for soil remediation at Kandahar Airfield (KAF) as part of the Mission Transition Task Force (MTTF) working to close down Canadian operations there by the end of the year. Soil contamination from the daily activities of thousands of Canadian soldiers and hundreds of commercial and tactical vehicles is a major concern. Consequently, mitigation of soil degradation is a priority task for the MTTF, a responsibility being undertaken by a team of WFE techs, field engineers and infantry soldiers ….”
  • Afghanistan (2)  The Army Run’s not JUST in Ottawa today.  “More than 600 civilians and military personnel representing multiple allied nations are expected to run tomorrow in the heat, dust and altitude of Kandahar Air Field (KAF), Afghanistan in the KAF Canada Army Run ….”  Good luck to all the participants.
  • Afghanistan (3)  A bit of one Canadian Forces Info-Machine worker’s story in Kabul.  “…. It is a somewhat surreal experience to be standing here in Afghanistan. The hot barren mountains of the Hindu Kush which surround the city have been witness to a dramatic stream of human history. I am now part of that history. As I ride in a convoy through the streets of Kabul I am amazed at the differences, and the similarities between here and Canada. On a side street, for example, I see a young father holding the seat of a bicycle while his son learns to ride. The feeling that most consumes me is an overwhelming sense of responsibility. I have a responsibility to the Afghan people who smile and wave to me on the street. I have a responsibility to the mission, and I have an inherent responsibility to those Canadians who have preceded me here. It is their dedication and sacrifice that passes the torch to me. I do not accept it lightly ….”
  • The Royal Canadian Mint has donated $10,000 to the Military Families Fund, raised from sales of its 2010 25-cent poppy coin collector card. The Military Families Fund is a non-profit organization that assist military families who land on unforeseen needs resulted from conditions of service. When launching the 25-cent collector card last October, it was announced all profits would be donated ….”
  • Way Up North  Senator Colin Kenny on how Canada can show that the Arctic is important. “…. If Canadians want to maintain our sovereignty in the Arctic, we should start demonstrating that we give a damn about the Arctic. Imposing tough environmental regulations on drilling would signal that we are not only in control in our portion of the Arctic, but that we deserve to be.”
  • Historian Jack Granatstein on what REALLY drives Canadian foreign and defence policy:  “…. for the Harper government, the new reality is that Alberta attitudes drive defence policy, not Quebec opinions. Virtually every opinion poll over recent decades has shown attitudes in Alberta consistently more hawkish than quasi-pacifist opinion in French Canada. The Tories have little support in Quebec, and the last election confirmed that they don’t need Quebec M.P.s to create a parliamentary majority. The coming addition of some thirty more seats in the House of Commons for Ontario and the West will entrench this new reality. In the circumstances, the Conservatives have a free hand to build the defence and foreign policy that suits their view of the world. And they will ….”
  • Remembering the Battle of Britain, 71 years later, with a renewed name” “For the first time in more than 40 years, we will celebrate the Battle of Britain with the restored name of the Royal Canadian Air Force,” said the Honorable Peter MacKay, Minister of National Defence …. The Battle of Britain, the first major campaign to be conducted entirely in the air, took place in the skies over south eastern Britain and the English Channel from July to October 1940. Vastly outnumbered by the German Luftwaffe, allied pilots and aircrews, including more than 100 Canadian pilots, held the enemy at bay and prevented Hitler’s planned invasion of Great Britain ….” News Highlights – 22 Feb 11

  • You know things aren’t going well for the Libyan regime when they sic the air force on the crowdsPM Harper’s take? “Prime Minister Stephen Harper has denounced the violent crackdowns by security forces on anti-government protesters in Libya and called for them to stop immediately. “We find the actions of the government firing upon its own citizens to be outrageous and unacceptable,” Harper told reporters in Vancouver on Monday. “We call on the government to cease these actions immediately.” ….” More from the PM here.
  • Here’s Canada’s Foreign Minister’s latest on whazzup in Libya:  Canada strongly condemns the violent crackdowns on innocent protesters that have resulted in many injured and killed. We call on the Libyan security forces to respect the human rights of demonstrators and uphold their commitment to freedom of speech and the right to assembly. The Libyan authorities must show restraint and stop the use of lethal force against protesters ….”
  • More news on the latest in Libya here (Google News), here (EMM News Brief:  Libya),  here (NewsNow), here (BBC) and here (Al Jazeera English).
  • A small contingent of the Canadian military will remain at Kandahar Airfield for several months after Canada’s combat mission in Afghanistan comes to an end in July. A group of about 40 servicemen and women will continue to work for the commander of Kandahar Airfield until late October or early November. In that role, they are responsible for perimeter security, housing and runway maintenance at the sprawling military base, among other duties. The Canadian chief of airfield plans is hoping other countries will come forward and fulfil their roles ….” Hmmmm, does that meet the requirements of the March 2008 motion the government has been bringing up?  It says, “…. Canada should continue a military presence in Kandahar beyond February 2009, to July 2011, in a manner fully consistent with the UN mandate on Afghanistan …”, defining that as troops to train Afghans, to protect development projects and to staff the Kandahar Provincial Reconstruction team. Well, it seems KAF-ites not doing any of the above would be OK by my read.
  • Will Tim Horton’s leave with the last Canadian soldier from Kandahar? “…. The Canadian doughnut chain Tim Hortons at Kandahar Air Field was also allowed to stay, though it had to move from its prime location on the boardwalk to a more discreet locale near the Canadian section of the base. The fact that the U.S. was at the time trying to convince Canada not to pull its combat forces out of Kandahar in 2011 helped to keep Tim Hortons’ franchise there alive, said a coalition official at the time. He laughed when he explained the reasoning, but he wasn’t joking. Canadian forces are nonetheless leaving Kandahar this year. Whether Tim Hortons, which has become a favorite of all the uniformed doughnut lovers, will stay after the last Canadian soldier goes remains an open question ….”
  • Globe & Mail editorial warns Canada to help Afghan women. “…. Ottawa should heed the advice of CARE Canada, which has called on the government to measure its post-conflict engagement in Afghanistan through the lens of improved human rights. Specifically, Canada could help tackle the barriers girls face in attending primary and secondary school; help train Afghan police in human rights; protect female leaders; ensure women are included in public-policy debate and peace-building; and focus on maternal and child health ….” (Hat tip to Terry Glavin for spotting this one first).
  • F-35 Tug o’ offers up goodies to share to oppose buying the jets. News Highlights – 8 Nov 10

  • Who do you believe in the “he says, he says” surrounding Canada’s future mission in Afghanistan? In this corner, Canada’s Defence Minister telling the Canadian Press“Canada is considering NATO and allied requests to keep troops in Afghanistan past 2011 to conduct non-combat training missions, Defence Minister Peter MacKay said Sunday.  MacKay said the government would likely make a decision in the coming weeks in the run-up to the Nov. 18 NATO leaders’ summit in Portugal.  MacKay stressed that any such mission would take place out of Kandahar province, where fighting is fiercest and would be “behind the wire” – military parlance for non-combat mission.  NATO has identified a shortfall of about 900 troops to conduct training and Canada is mindful of those requests, the minister said ….” (More from Postmedia News here)   This is also reinforced by anonymous voices telling the Toronto Star the same thing.
  • Meanwhile, in the other corner, likely in keeping with Quebec voters’ particular dislike (according to polls, anyway) for the mission, La Presse (link to original in French) hears the PM is pretty adamant about troops getting out of Afghanistan (Google translation of La Presse):  “…. According to information obtained by La Presse, the date of withdrawal of Canadian troops is an irrevocable decision for the Prime Minister. In fact, Harper is currently discussing with the Liberals Michael Ignatieff last few days on Canada’s intentions in Afghanistan once the military mission is complete.  And he intends to attach all the strings that option, with the support of the Liberals, before going to the NATO summit that will prioritize the future of the mission in Afghanistan.  Mr. Harper therefore formally not tell his counterparts from member countries of the Alliance military in Lisbon ….” (Shameless self promotion:  Here was my take from July 2009 on the whole March 2008 parliamentary motion.)
  • Blog Watch: Brian Platt, visiting Afghanistan, pokes all sorts of holes into the arguments of those opposing the west’s work in Afghanistan – well worth the read.
  • How one mother honours the memory of her fallen son, via“The mother of a Canadian soldier killed in Afghanistan is now in that country, honouring his memory by working in the canteen at the Kandahar airfield serving troops coffee. Wendy Hayward took an early retirement from her job in Winnipeg to take up the unique position that holds a special meaning for her. “I can’t think of a higher honour. I really can’t,” Hayward told CBC News in a recent interview. “I see him in the eyes of every one I serve.” Her son, Cpl. James Hayward Arnal, 25, was killed July 18, 2008 by a roadside bomb explosion in southern Afghanistan during a night patrol ….”
  • According to the Canadian Press, survey says young people do remember (more about Kandahar than Vimy): “Vimy Ridge and Juno Beach are vaguely familiar, but it’s Kandahar that’s really rings a bell, especially among younger Canadians. As Remembrance Day approaches, a new poll from The Historica-Dominion Institute suggests Canadians know the most about the war in Afghanistan, with young people leading the way …. The online poll, conducted between November 1 to 5, surveyed 1,015 adults. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.1 percentage points ….”
  • Speaking of surveys, remember Russell Williams, the murderer-serial rapist now a guest of the state?  While some worried his actions could make people think poorly about the Canadian Forces, a QMI/Léger Marketing survey says different“…. When asked what best represented their attitude about how the case affected their view of the Canadian military, 59% of people polled said the case had no impact on their opinion. About one in five, or 23%, said it hurt their opinion of the Canadian Forces, and 4% said it actually improved their view. Another 13% said they didn’t know enough to have an opinion …. Leger did the polling online from Nov. 1-4, 2010. The company polled 1,503 Canadians 18 or older. A telephone poll of this size would have a margin of error of /- 2.6%.”
  • Taliban Propaganda Watch: Attacks alleged in Kandahar, Uruzgan and Zabul, while Taliban dare Congressmen to send a delegation to roam free in Afghanistan.


NOTE: This material is from web pages and forums carrying statements attributed to the Taliban, Taliban spokespersons or supporters of the Taliban, or analysis thereof. Posting of this material neither confirms nor endorses any of its content – it is shared for information only. When material translated into English is not available, Google Translate is used to translate the original  – this is only a machine translation, NOT an official one.

RC South

Kandahar airbase comes under yet again

Saturday, 10 July 2010 22:32 Qari Yousuf Ahmadi
Mujaideen of the Islamic Emirate amid operation al-Fath attacked the Kandahar airbase yesterday evening (July 09) at about 8:00 pm local time. According to the report, two missiles landed inside the airbase, whereas it is unclear how many were killed or injured in the attack.

Us invaders spy killed in Kandahar

Saturday, 10 July 2010 20:03 Qari Yousuf Ahmadi
Saturday morning (July 10), Dawar Khan, a local of Shah Wali Kowt district of Kandahar was sentenced to death in public in Shah Wali Kot district of Kandahar, in accordance with decision of Islamic Sharia court. According to the details, the convict who had been previously arrested on the charge espionage and got released on the guarantee of the elders and treble leaders a couple days ago, was caught again and brought to justice under the Code of Conduct of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and after the evidence was given against the him by the witnesses which proved him guilty of espionage, the convict was sentenced to death today.

Blasts hit two US invaders tanks in Kandahar

Sunday, 11 July 2010 22:24 Qari Yousuf Aghmadi
Two of the US invaders tanks were struck and destroyed by Mujahideen homemade bombings in Argahdab, Kandahar yesterday night (July 11) at about 1:00 am.

US tank destroyed in Kandahar

Saturday, 10 July 2010 22:33 Qari Yousuf Ahmadi
Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate, on Friday (July 09), at 11:00 am local time, got one of the American invaders tank destroyed with an IED in Boldak, Kandahar killing or wounding the American terrorist in the tank.

6 US invaders killed or wounded in Kandahar

Saturday, 10 July 2010 19:54 Qari Yousuf Ahmadi
According to a report from Kandahar province, Friday morning, July 09, at about 10 am local time, Mujahideen or the Islamic Emirate had four American terrorists killed and wounded two using an IED blast in Dand district of Kandahar.

Blast kills four American invaders, wounds two in Kandahar

Saturday, 10 July 2010 22:41 Qari Yousuf Ahmadi
A roadside bomb planted by Mujaideen exploded to a group of the US invading foot soldiers Saturday (July 10) at about 10: local time, killing four terrorists as well as wounding two.

Puppet intelligence official captured in Zabul

Saturday, 10 July 2010 22:32 Zabihullah Mujahid
Roohullah, one of the high-ranking officials was captured along with two of his bodyguards after a little resistance in Zabl’s provincial capital, Kalat city.

Zabul battle, 17 invaders and puppets killed with dozens wounded

Saturday, 10 July 2010 16:42 Zabihullah Mujahid
The frenzy attack on the combined invaders and their puppet base in Zabul’s Shah Jui started Saturday morning, July 10, at approximately 7:00 am, and ended after one hour of intense fighting. According to the details, two brave martyrdom-seeking Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate, equipped with heavy and small arms and explosive-filled vests, attacked one of the important base of the NATO invaders and their cowardly minions, killing some 17 invaders and their puppets with wounding several more. Witnesses say they saw the flames rising from the base and the helicopter arriving the site and heard the sound of two massive explosions.

NATO invaders’ 3 tanks destroyed in Zabul

Saturday, 10 July 2010 22:41 Qari Yousuf Ahmadi
Three of the enemy invaders’ tanks were destroyed, in separate bomb attacks in the on Saturday morning (July 10) in Nowbahar district of Zabul, but it is not determined how many were killed or injured.

5 US invaders, 3 puppets killed in Zabul

Sunday, 11 July 2010 22:24 Qari Yousuf Aghmadi
Mujaideen of the Islamic Emirate, Saturday (July 10) at approximately 11:00 am, had 5 American and 3 of their puppets who were on a combined patrol killed using IED blast in Dia Chopan district of Zabul.

RC Southwest

4 invading Britons killed in Helmand

Saturday, 10 July 2010 22:32 Qari Yousuf Ahmadi
According to a report from Helmand, Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate, Saturday morning (July 10), at approximately 10:00 am local time, had two British cowardly soldiers killed and another two wounded with two straight IED blasts detonated at the foot soldiers of the British invaders wanting to carry out ground operation in Sangin, Helmand. The report added the invaders after suffering deadly losses retreated from the area.


This, from MERX:

The Department of National Defence has a requirement for five (5) Miniature Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (MUAV) systems. The MUAV systems will be deployed in Afghanistan and in Canada. Each MUAV shall be operated by teams of two (2) DND Personnel. The complete Systems must be field proven, very robust, reliable and able to withstand the harshest of field conditions. Delivery of all 5 MUAV systems is required on or before 75 days from date of Contract Award.

Along with the acquisition of the five (5) MUAV Systems and associated spares, the contractor will be required to provide Integrated logistical support at Kandahar Air Field (KAF), Afghanistan (until withdrawl of Canadian Forces personnel estimated 31 July 2011) and training and supervision to Canadian Forces (CF) personnel in Canada ….

Deadline for bids:  6 Jun 2010.

Now That We Know…

….the Canadian Forces is leaving Afghanistan by the end of next year, MERX is posting this:

…. DEFENCE CONSTRUCTION CANADA (DCC) #4015 Construct Phase III Accommodations, Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan

This opportunity is open to companies of all NATO Nations and is intended to formulate a list of interested bidders to be invited to submit a firm price associated with the construction of new accommodations for 240 persons in  area Canada 9 for the Canadian Contingent at Kandahar Airfield in Afghanistan.

The estimated cost for this opportunity is in the order of $2,650,000.00 (CAD) ….

PDF version of bid documents obtained by, and shared with you here.

Thought you’d want to know.


NOTE: This material is from web pages and forums carrying statements attributed to the Taliban, Taliban spokespersons or supporters of the Taliban, or analysis thereof. Posting of this material neither confirms nor endorses any of its content – it is shared for information only. When material translated into English is not available, Google Translate is used to translate the original  – this is only a machine translation, NOT an official one.

Missiles fired at the Canadian and British invading terrorists in Kandahar airport (Original in Arabic) – Google English translationOfficial English (7th headline)

Wednesday night 09-12-2009 at around 10 pm local time, Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan fired several missiles at the Kandahar airport where a larger number of Canadian and British terrorists are stationed. Three missiles landed inside the airport, which resulted in heavy losses in the ranks of the enemy. Reported by Qari Muhammad Yousuf

Kandahar explosions claimed the lives of eight policemen (Original in Arabic) – Google English translation

Continental / Yousuf Ahmadi
In the powerful explosions that occurred yesterday (2009-12-10) in the departments of Nis and the buttons (Zhari) of Kandahar province, killing ( 8 ) of the police. In The News: The explosion yesterday afternoon at a car near a police Ranger from the Department of Nis, which led to the destruction of the car, after at least (3) two policemen were killed and (4) other serious surgeries. As a land mine exploded yesterday afternoon also on foot patrol for enemy soldiers in the “neighbor Koussa” buttons Bbahmol Department, which was (4) soldiers were killed including their leader. According to the report after the Mujahideen Alinajafar directly open fire on enemy soldiers, which led to the occurrence of further losses in the ranks of the enemy.

Heavy casualties in the ranks of the common enemy in Helmand (Original in Arabic) – Google English translation

Continental / Yousuf Ahmadi
Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate reported from Helmand province, they Bkberp troops inflicted casualties on the Israeli occupation forces and customers throughout the day today (2009-12-11) as a result of battles, explosions in the departments of Musa Qala and Gereshk that mandate. According to reports the hyphen: The hinder all day today three times clashes with British forces in the occupied region, “Shabana Rose,” Department of Musa Qala. Least in these clashes (3) soldiers were killed and (4) other serious surgeries. The enemy suffered such losses, while the enemy in the case of out of their base Exposure infantry soldiers to attack militants and violent clashes took place between the parties. The source adds this afternoon against an armored enemy by a bomb explosion, when she tried to enter the base, which led to the death and injury on board. In the news of another independent: a vehicle of puppet army kind of hip at three o’clock in the afternoon an explosive device in the market Directorate Gereshk mandate itself, which was (4) soldiers were killed. In a related context, Mujahideen attacked last night on a security police station in the market mentioned above, but there was no information about casualties, attached to the enemy so far. In a separate report last: a vehicle of the type of Army Ranger for the client in the tenth time this morning hit a landmine in the region Oopaschk when they were in a patrol mission in the region. Which led to the outright destruction, and he died (4) military personnel, including their leader, were killed and (4) other soldiers were by severe.

6 Nato invaders tanks destroyed in Helmand (Official English) – Arabic version

Thursday afternoon 10-12-2009 at around 1 pm local time, Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan with IED’s destroyed six tanks of the Nato invaders and killed all those onboard in Nad Ali district of Helmand province. Four tanks of the enemy were destroyed when they were searching houses in the village and two tanks of the enemy were destroyed yesterday in the same village. In another operation a Mujahid sniper took out an invader terrorist when he was standing on his post. Reported by Qari Muhammad Yousuf

Mujahideen Kill Two Invading Soldiers in Gerishk (Official English) – Arabic version

Friday, 11 December 2009 16:22 Q.Y Ahmadi, Helmand
(11.12.2009) According to a report from Helmand province, Mujahideen killed two soldiers of the puppet regime in Bari, near Gerishk district city as they were on their way to their outpost. After the ambush by Mujahideen, fighting occurred between the Mujahideen and the hireling soldiers which resulted into the killing of two soldiers on the spot. Two others were injured. The report further says, Mujahideen took ammunitions and weapons of the soldiers gun downed by them.

6 American invading terrorists killed and tank blown up in Uruzgan (Official English) – Arabic version

Friday, 11 December 2009 15:22 Reported by Qari Muhammad Yousuf
Thursday afternoon 10-12-2009 at around 4:30 pm local time, Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan with an IED blew up a patrolling tank of the American invaders in Tareen Kot city in Uruzgan province, in the blast the tank was destroyed and six terrorists onboard were killed.

Death of a woman and wounding her son, a result of firing by the Americans (Original in Arabic) – Google English translation

Continental / Yousuf Ahmadi
Result of random shots by the soldiers of America yesterday (2009-12-11), cited a woman and wounded her son, who did not exceed the age of ten surgeries in the very mandate of the Directorate of Shah Joy Zabul. According to residents of the region: the enemy soldiers looking for local homes in the area Krtash, and women and children from the fear of dogs, the enemy out of the house and enter another when targeted by enemy invasion. It is said that in addition to killing enemy civilians, causing damage to them, and they arrested some people and took them away after being beaten with themselves on their position.

Exposure points, security police station in Keshrod (Original in Arabic) – Google English translation

Continental / Yousuf Ahmadi
Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate attacked an armed attack on a security police in the area, “Chichaoua” State Department Keshrod Nimroz. According to Linker News: During the attack, which occurred yesterday afternoon (2009-12-10). Four mortar shells Hawan within the Center for the enemy, which led to the deaths and destruction of the type of car Ranger of the enemy and inflicted significant point in the building of security.

PDF version of this page also available
at non-terrorist site here.

Loadsa Dough Going into Kandahar Air Field Infrastructure

It appears Canada’s not alone in pumping infrastructure money into Kandahar Air Field (more on our work here, here and here) – this from Nathan Hodge over at the Danger Room blog:

Southern Afghanistan is the initial focus of the military’s rapid, six-month troop buildup. And in recent months, Kandahar Airfield, the main logistics hub in southern Afghanistan, has seen a massive upgrade that will help accommodate the surge.

In response to a query from Danger Room, the International Security Assistance Force provided figures on new investments in Kandahar Airfield and the adjoining base. All told, NATO has authorized EUR 343 million — that’s around $500 million — in common funding for the upgrade or construction of new facilities at Kandahar Airfield. Improvements include new runways, a control tower, buildings for NATO command elements as well as expansion of the base power system.

“These works are not directly related to the plus-up but clearly have benefit,” said Capt. R.J.M. Hermkens of the Royal Netherlands Army, in an e-mail ….

More from Nathan here.