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G8/G20 Security Highlights, 23 Jun 10

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“If They’re Not With Us, They’re Against Us”

George W. Bush?  Joseph Stalin?  Kim Jong-Il?

No, anti-globalization protesters – this, via Twitter:

CRG police, agent provocateurs squad or just infiltrators? – #g20report #g20

And who’s this evil CRG?  Toronto Police’s Community Relations Group – more here at YouTube.  And what do these capitalist tools do?

…. The group works under the authority of the RCMP led Integrated Security Unit and are in place to provide timely and accurate official information to citizens affected by the G20 event.  Their mandate extends to reaching out to activist and protest groups in advance of the G20 Summit to facilitate lawful and peaceful protests ….

Volunteers.  In Canadian streets.  With information.


We Want Freedom (But Just for Us)!

A not-so-welcoming message on one blog attributed to a group calling itself “Fire.Works.For.Prisons”

FWFP collective will not be communicating with media before, during, or after the June 27th event.

Media (video, sound recording, photos) that covers individuals without their consent will be confronted.

Individuals whose ideas are found in the intentions of this demo are welcome, representatives of media are not.


“Firebomb suspects seek bail before G20”

Two of the three men charged in connection with the firebombing of a Glebe Bank want bail hearings by the end of the week, soon enough that they could be released before the start of this weekend’s G20 summit in Toronto.  Clad in orange jail-issue coveralls, Roger Clement, Claude Frederic Haridge and Matthew Morgan-Brown made a brief appearance by video in an Ottawa courtroom Monday. All three were arrested Friday in connection with the May 18 firebombing of a Bank Street Royal Bank branch that caused more than $500,000 in damage. An anarchist group, Fighting for Freedom Coalition-Ottawa, later took responsibility for the bombing, which was recorded in a “catch me if you can” video posted online. The group also warned that its members would be “present” at the G20 summit ….

Anti-Capitalists:  Rubber Bullets = Militarization of Police

….. The ARWEN represents yet another weapon that intimidates and violates the right of the general public to exercise democratic dissent. However, police continue to employ jargon in an effort to legitimize the use of weapons developed by military forces to be used against civilians in the streets of Canadian cities. When speaking about the possible damage inflicted by ARWEN ammunition on the human body, Ontario Provincial Police Constable Mel Tourigny expressed that, “It’s realistic to accept that there very possibly could be an injury to a person being struck by this projectile, but it’s a less serious injury because it’s deemed a non-lethal [weapon].” ….

We Know Who’s the First Arrest of the Summit Season

The Integrated Security Unit confirmed it arrested Mark Corbiere, an aboriginal-rights activist from the Kitchener-Waterloo area, and charged him with one count of marijuana possession.

Mr. Corbiere was initially pursued by police after allegations a man had broken into a facility at Allan Gardens, said Sergeant Nathalie Deschênes, a spokeswoman for the ISU.


Mr. Corbiere, quoted in news reports as being a representative from M’Chigeeng First Nation, is a member of a Facebook group called Olympic Resistance Network, and has been listed on websites as leader for the network’s Ontario chapter.

Here’s his Tweet confirming his arrest:

Being detained on gerard/mutual about 7cops #g20 1:50 PM Jun 21st via txt

I Kid, I Kid…

It appears security officials have to set the record straight on a recently-set up Twitter account:

Over the last few weeks, a Twitter feed called G20Security has sent out more than 119 entertaining tweets poking fun at the preparations for the Toronto summit. The With 142 followers, the Tweeter’s bio says only “Welcome. Please have your documents ready” and links to the official G8-G20 web site run by the government.

But Tim Burrows, of the Integrated Security Unit, says that not everyone realizes that the Twitter feed is satire. “Members of the public have actually called us and said ‘How can you be saying this stuff,'” he said. The police are big fans, he said, and read the feed every day. “It’s spectacular,” said Burrows. “It’s just hilarious.” But they have asked the person or people behind the feed to add something to their bio saying that the site is satirical ….

Some tidbits from @G20Security:

So tiring to keep pointing out how important all the security is. Thank god for stock PR phrases like ‘Somalia-like haven of chaos’ #g20

Teargas is NOT life-threatening. If #G20 allowed instant replay half these protesters would get red-carded for diving.

and my personal fave:

We asked @anarchists to pre-register w riot squads, just as delegates do w/ security. But response to dialogue is less than we hoped #G20

Bang Bang!

Canadian police launched a hunt Tuesday for a small black car believed to be involved in shots fired in a restricted zone where G20 leaders will meet this week in downtown Toronto, police told (Agence France-Presse).  Off-duty officers heard the shots ring out at 3:30 am near King and Simcoe Streets, Toronto police Constable Wendy Drummond said.  “A small black vehicle was seen leaving the scene,” she said.  No one was injured, and “there is no information at this point to suggest that it had anything to do with the G20,” she said.  “It appears the shots were fired into the air,” she added. Shell casings were found at the scene ….

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