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Seven British soldiers were fighting as a result of Musa Qala (Original in Arabic) – Google English translation

Continental / Yousuf Ahmadi
Fierce clashes took place between Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate and the British troops before noon yesterday in the areas Mtkhanz, Dezor and Digojkan Department of Musa Qala in Helmand. News by Linker, which resulted in clashes, which lasted approximately two hours from death (7) soldiers as occupiers and the injury of many others. Say Mujahideen Mahliyun: suffered losses above the enemy when the joint forces of the enemy is preparing for operations against militants in the region, as they were attacked by the Mujahideen. Also injured (2) the mujahideen during the fighting.

Killing and wounding of five British soldiers Netjp explosion Baba Ji (Original in Arabic) – Google English translation

Zabihollah / Mujahid
Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate of the dawn of an explosive device on a foot patrol of British troops near the castle each choice in the Babagi Hkurjah (Lashkar Gah) Center near the Helmand province. News by Linker, carried out the attack in the hour of noon yesterday (2009-12-08), resulting in the death of (3) soldiers and wounding Manliyn (2) other surgeries. Adds the report, the enemy made the arrest after the incident, a civilian who lived in a house located next to the site of the explosion with two of his sons on charges of Talgah the explosion and took them to their posts. In a separate report, the mujahedeen killed the commander of the convoy’s security troops called Alojstep / Dost Mohammad was Msdodp by the Mujahideen with five of his soldiers. According to another report, there were clashes between the militants and the enemy just before noon today in the saffron Department Sngen (Sangin), which killed one soldier occupier and injuring two others.

Statement of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Regarding Violation of Commitment by South Korea (Official English) – Alternate official English site

According to media reports, South Korea has showed readiness to send 500 soldiers to Afghanistan and deploy  them in Parwan province. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan considers this decision taken by the rulers of the South Korea to be an act against national independence of Afghanistan, an act against the Afghans and an attempt to violate the commitment made by Korea in 2007 exchange for the release of 19 Koreans who were detained by the forces of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in Ghazni province. They had promised to withdraw their troops from Afghanistan and committed never to send soldiers to the country in future ….

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