TALIBAN PROPAGANDA WATCH: Karzai talks, US colonizes?

First, the newest messaging twist from the Taliban’s latest commentary (Voice of Jihad English and PDF at non-terrorist site), summarized in haiku:

Karzai, the puppet,
talks jirga, lets U.S.A.
be colonial.

From the statement:

He makes his assertion about reconciliation in every forum and gathering even in a gathering in Uruzgan a few days ago, he claimed to have sent invitation to leaders of Taliban to participate in the peace assembly of elders which is to be held in Kabul. In our opinion, such baseless and unsubstantiated claims portray Karzai loyalty and obligation for the task which has been placed on his shoulders by the Americans to ostensibly speak of peace and reconciliation ( to deceive the man in the street) while the Americans will, de facto, continue to implement their policy of intransigence and warfare in the country.


Karzai speaks of reconciliation in a time that the Americans are not ready to put an end to the war in Afghanistan but as the time passes, they announce initiation of new battles. They are nurturing to turn Afghanistan into a hotbed of long-term colonialist conspiracies and ambitions.

Repeat messages? ‘You go, we stop fighting,’ and ‘thanks, but no thanks, to reconciliation/talks’:

Karzai and his colleagues should know that peace will not exist even for a single day in the presence of foreign troops in the country. Accepting the presence of foreign troops on our soil is against the noble traditions of the Afghans and it is contrary to their magnanimity and history. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan believes that Karzai, Americans, and other circles have been trying to drive a wedge among the ranks of the Taliban leadership by launching the phony process of reconciliation and by claims of having contacted Taliban leadership. During the past nine years, they have failed to permeate into the ranks of the Islamic Emirate , now with the help of Allah (SwT), it is impossible for the enemy to pervade into their ranks nor is it possible that any one will ever tend to accept the unrealistic, farcical and misleading reconciliation process.

Mostly more of the same for this week’s latest from the Taliban info-machine.


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Peace Campaign Hypes and the Rogu War-mongering

…. The current combined war preparations of America, Britain and their surrogates and their war plan to launch a vast offensive in some areas and districts of Helmand province show that the peace slogans and the holding of international conferences by the invaders were mere an eye-wash or these forums were, in fact, part of war stratagems. They want to utilize the said forums and propaganda for war-mongering purposes and thus mobilize the opinion of the public of the world in favor of their militarist goals ….

Four US and British invaders tanks destroyed in Marjah

Four tanks of the joint UK-US invading terrorists were targeted in separate blasts between Marjah and Nad Ali districts of Helmand province, on Wednesday. According to the details, two consecutive blasts tore apart two tanks of the US and British invaders forces near Sistani desert in Marjah district.

A little over half an hour after the former incident occurred two other tanks of the British and American invading terrorists were hit by landmine blasts while the invading terrorists were on a combined patrol mission between Trikh Nawar and Tangano Gudar in Marjah district. The US helicopters, following the incidents, landed the area to evacuate the dead and wounded from the explosion sites, said the local Mujahideen from the area.

Similarly, on Tuesday, two of the US invaders tanks were destroyed in bombings near Sistani desert located at a distance of about 10 kilometer from Marjah district, where several thousands of the US, UK and puppet army terrorists are stationed to fight the Mujahideen.

In another incident, the other day, at least two American invading terrorists were killed in a clash with the Mujahideen in Hazarahagano area of Marjah district. Reported by Qari Muhammad Yousuf

British invading terrorists sustain fatal losses in Helmand battles

There are reports from Helmand province that there have been fierce clashes between the Mujahideen and the British invading terrorists in the Province’s Musa Kala and Nad Ali districts on Wednesday. The report stated the fighting broke out later in the morning as the British invading terrorists were out of their base on a mission to launch operation against the Mujahideen in Yateemchi are of Musa Kala district, adding the British invading terrorists had sustained fatalities and casualties during the 3-hour long fighting but it gave no further details of how manly had been killed or injured.

Also on Wednesday, Mujahideen were engaged in a fierce fighting with the Britons in Babaji area of Nad Ali district near Laskar Gah, in which the British invading terrorists fired several shells, some of which struck the houses of the civilians causing them sever losses. Reported by Qari Muhammad Yousuf