Twitter Feed to Watch

In today’s tidal wave of information, including little bits of it at a time via Twitter, I love the Twitter feed of NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen here.

I love it because it feels like he’s typing the stuff (typos and all), not having messages crafted and scutinized syllable by syllable before posting.

A few examples:

Posted a new video on my blog from the UN General Assembly. It’s about Afghanistan:

I welcome that the US today have discussed with us how we can develop a missile defence which can include all Allies and protect us all.

I intend to make this the most open, the most inclusive process in NATOhistory – and in the history of any int org

Looking foreward to my trip to Greece and Turkey on Wednesday to Friday. We have many important issues to discuss. Anders



U.N. Sec-Gen Thinks Taliban Will Follow Geneva Conventions…

if we just talk to them:

“We must also focus more attention on compliance with international humanitarian law by non-State armed groups. Unpalatable as it may be for some States, engagement with such groups is critical. The United Nations must be able to talk to all warring parties, including armed groups. Failure to do so is always likely to mean more, not fewer, civilians killed and wounded. I urge Member States to accept this necessity.

We know from experience that regular engagement, monitoring and reporting creates a culture in which both States and non-state groups are increasingly being made aware of the need to respect international humanitarian law.”

Question to the Secretary-General:  what’s stopping the Taliban from not killing civilians anymore now?