The Taliban: Words vs. Deeds

The Taliban’s alleged code of conduct:

Mujahideen should behave well with general public and make efforts to bring their hearts closer to them. It must be the quality of a Mujahid to present himself as a role model for a common man.

The Taliban’s public line in a recent statement:

“….the current Jihad movement is a nationalist, Islamic and country-wide movement ….”

The Taliban reality, via United Press International:

The Taliban in Afghanistan have claimed responsibility for killing the deputy mayor of Kandahar as he prayed in the central mosque, officials said …. “We have killed (Yarmal) because he was working for this puppet government,” Taliban spokesman Qari Yousuf Ahmadi said in a telephone interview. “We will target all those who are working for government.”….

‘Nuf said.

Taliban Kills Civilians on Muhammad’s Birthday

I was asking if maybe the Taliban was trying to put on a new, friendlier face. I guess I spoke too soon – this, from Reuters:

Taliban fighters opened fire, hurled grenades and staged suicide bombings in central Kabul on Friday, killing at least 16 people in defiance of the Western-backed government and a NATO offensive.

An Italian diplomat and Indian government officials were killed in the assault, the governments said.

Also among the dead were eight Afghans, including three police officers, the Afghan Interior Ministry said. The French Foreign Ministry said one French national had been killed and India’s foreign ministry said up to nine Indians were killed ….

Thomas Ruttig at the Afghanistan Analysts Network raises an interesting question:

Where are those Taleban who have argued a few years ago that the massive use of suicide bombers and the killing of scores of Afghan civilians are ‘un-Islamic’? And where are their ‘Islamic’ credentials when they cause such an atrocity on Muhammad’s birthday, on of the holiest days in Muslims’ calendar?

So much for the (alleged) Code of Conduct.

Compare and Contrast….

the Taliban’s words:

Provincial, districts’ leaders and rest of Mujahideen are bound to take best possible steps to ensure safety and security of the civilian‘s life and property. In case of violation Punishment will be granted to the offender.

…and the Taliban’s deeds:

Five-year-old Kamila Gul should not have survived the mine blast that slammed shrapnel into her tiny body, most of it to her skull.

Medical staff at Kandahar Airfield hospital call her a miracle.

After more than seven weeks of care following emergency surgery to remove the shrapnel from her brain, the little girl – staring stoic from her hospital cot into the eyes of onlookers while she plays with a plastic yellow hairbrush – will be ready to return home within a week.

The Taliban put the mine there. It killed my brother,” her father Fada Gul, seated cross-legged and barefoot on the bed beside his bandaged child, says through an Afghan translator….

‘Nuf said.

Taliban’s New Rule Book Out (In English)

All hail to the NEFA Foundation for being the first to share an English translation of the Taliban’s latest rule book.

You can find the English-language edition here (PDF).

Thanks to my fave “admin” at the pro-jihadist Ignored Puzzle Pieces of Knowledge, who shares the link, with a bit of Talib-spin:

“The Kuffar of NEFA have translated a copy of the Taliban’s code of conduct book for the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. The media went crazy over this because it was a document admitting the mistake of the martyrdom operations that would mistakenly kill other Muslims. In addition, they pointed out that the documents states that it is now forbidden to record the execution of spies. They say all these things in hope to try and get the American public to think that the Taliban are a “people of mistakes”. But in reality, the Taliban are showing how moral, honest, just and upright their cause is by speaking the truth and making the guidelines clear in order to have a better future… something the United States has failed at miserably, partly due to the fact that its a nation full of perverted fagots that rape each other and kill themselves.”

(Again with America’s “fagots”?)

More, when I get a chance to read it a bit more closely.