TALIBAN PROPAGANDA WATCH: Taliban Claims of Canadian Casualties Disappearing?

Some of the latest propaganda stats:

  • English-language Taliban statements monitored during this period claimed responsibility for more than 800 (802) Canadian deaths in Afghanistan.  Canada announced 56 deaths during this period.  During this period, the Taliban has claimed an average of 14.32 Canadian casualties for every one officially announced by the Canada.
  • During the monitoring period, 155 English-language statements attributed to the Taliban were monitored – an average of 5.96 per month.
  • No claims of responsibility for Canadian casualties were monitored on English-language Taliban statements for the months of August, September or October.
  • The latest Canadian casualty the Taliban has publicly claimed responsibility for via an English-language statement was 6 Nov 10 (claiming responsibility for 6 people killed during a shura in the Shah Wali Kot district).  The next claim before that was 15 Jul 10.

So, fewer reports of Canadian casualties by the Taliban. Has the Taliban Info-machine lost interest in Canadians in Afghanistan?  Do they figure we’re so outta there they don’t need to make up more lies about Canadians?  Your ideas/comments welcome.

More here.

Taliban’s Lies o’ the Month for May

How many Canadian deaths did the Taliban take credit for in May?


How many Canadians were killed in Afghanistan in May?


Over the past 20 months, the Taliban Info-machine has been taking credit for more than 15 Canadian deaths for every one that has, in truth, occurred.

The Taliban’s lies continue.

More details here.

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Taliban’s New Rule Book Out (In English)

All hail to the NEFA Foundation for being the first to share an English translation of the Taliban’s latest rule book.

You can find the English-language edition here (PDF).

Thanks to my fave “admin” at the pro-jihadist Ignored Puzzle Pieces of Knowledge, who shares the link, with a bit of Talib-spin:

“The Kuffar of NEFA have translated a copy of the Taliban’s code of conduct book for the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. The media went crazy over this because it was a document admitting the mistake of the martyrdom operations that would mistakenly kill other Muslims. In addition, they pointed out that the documents states that it is now forbidden to record the execution of spies. They say all these things in hope to try and get the American public to think that the Taliban are a “people of mistakes”. But in reality, the Taliban are showing how moral, honest, just and upright their cause is by speaking the truth and making the guidelines clear in order to have a better future… something the United States has failed at miserably, partly due to the fact that its a nation full of perverted fagots that rape each other and kill themselves.”

(Again with America’s “fagots”?)

More, when I get a chance to read it a bit more closely.


Once again, here’s a summary (.pdf at non-terrorist site) last month’s stats on Taliban allegations of Canadian casualties in its public statements.


  • Taliban statements monitored during August 2009 claimed responsibility for at least 33 Canadian deaths.  Canada announced the death of 2 soldiers during this period.
  • Eight (8) Taliban announcements were monitored mentioning Canadian personnel or casualties in August 2009, compared to an average of 8.1 such reports per month since October 2008.
  • Since October 2008, the Taliban have claimed 12.9 Canadian casualties for every one officially announced by the Government of Canada (387 alleged by Taliban vs. 30 reported by Canada).

Enjoy the lies!