Creepy Jihadi Message Header

On jihadi terrorist web forums, one often finds graphics highlighting some of the posts.

This one, with the title “Shia hatred for the people of Islam” in Arabic,  creeped me out just a bit with the old guy kissing the kid:


Spotted on the Ignored Puzzle Pieces of Knowledge blog, attributed to the same “admin” that was, uh, “focussed” on a certain subject matter here.

Taliban Sympathy Blog Picks WRONG “Good News Story”

For some reason, “admin” over at the Ignored Puzzle Pieces of Knowledge blog decided to share this heartwarming litte story of a Japanese doctor, Tetsu Nakamura, who apparently has nothing but good things to say about the Taliban during his visits to Pakistan and Afghanistan – here’s admin’s comment on the article:

“This is a fascinating story of a Japanese doctor who visited Afghanistan. He is mainly shocked on how the media portrays the Taliban and the Mujahideen as evil people whereas in reality they are good people.”

Zat right?

The article in the blog post is about eight years old.

Let’s fast forward via Google search, shall we?

Here’s part of an August 28, 2008 article that admin didn’t feel a need to include:

“The bullet-ridden body of an abducted Japanese aid worker was recovered today, the latest grim symbol of insurgents’ determination to make it difficult for outside humanitarian groups to operate in Afghanistan.  Afghan and Japanese authorities identified the slain man as Kazuya Ito, an engineer who was kidnapped by gunmen a day earlier in Nangarhar province, east of Kabul. He was the fourth foreign aid worker killed in the country in the last two weeks.”

And who did this aid worker work for?

This, from another article around the same time:

“Ito’s aid group was founded by Tetsu Nakamura, a Japanese doctor who has set up projects across Afghanistan and Pakistan for more than two decades and was an outspoken opponent of the 2001 US-led war that ended Taliban rule.”

I wonder how Dr. Nakamura feels about the Taliban these days?

Taliban’s New Rule Book Out (In English)

All hail to the NEFA Foundation for being the first to share an English translation of the Taliban’s latest rule book.

You can find the English-language edition here (PDF).

Thanks to my fave “admin” at the pro-jihadist Ignored Puzzle Pieces of Knowledge, who shares the link, with a bit of Talib-spin:

“The Kuffar of NEFA have translated a copy of the Taliban’s code of conduct book for the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. The media went crazy over this because it was a document admitting the mistake of the martyrdom operations that would mistakenly kill other Muslims. In addition, they pointed out that the documents states that it is now forbidden to record the execution of spies. They say all these things in hope to try and get the American public to think that the Taliban are a “people of mistakes”. But in reality, the Taliban are showing how moral, honest, just and upright their cause is by speaking the truth and making the guidelines clear in order to have a better future… something the United States has failed at miserably, partly due to the fact that its a nation full of perverted fagots that rape each other and kill themselves.”

(Again with America’s “fagots”?)

More, when I get a chance to read it a bit more closely.


A couple of posts at the Ignored Puzzle Pieces of Knowledge pro-terrorist blog drew my eye this weekend (if you don’t feel like clicking on a pro-terrorist blog, you can download PDF files showing the full posts here).

First, this post highlighting a couple of YouTube videos showing less-than-fully-co-ordinated physical workout sessions – note some of the comments:

these guys are better than the Navy SEALS!!!! I feel sorry for our taliban brothers!!! they are going to have a tough tough battle with these super warriors.

I cannot stop laughing. Fighting is one thing, but they cannot even do jumping jacks and push-ups without making fools of themselves…

And to think that the ANA (aka – The Hashish Army) are the west’s ticket outa Afghanistan (that’s what the kuffar say). LOL  So amm… how should I put this?… Well basically, the west is totally screwed!

Nice to see the same level of commentary as we see on some mainstream media comment boards – has the feel of Duckman’s famous “neener-neener-neener-neener, I’m the stud, and you’re the wiener” tease, doesn’t it?

Second, this response to the “who’s guarding the guardians?” story out of the U.S. Embassy in Kabul makes me wonder if the blogger is a bit…. single-minded?

“US Troops in Afghanistan act like fagot animals”

….Basically, they were all naked, doing homosexual activity, and urinating all over themselves, as the different reports state.

Well, this is normal behavior for US troops. They may not be urinating on themselves everyday, but they sure do immoral things everyday. The US Govt always tries to protect its identity by saying, “they are a minority…”

Right. For the past few years, we have witnessed these “minorities” raping women, acting like fags, murdering innocent women, children, and by-standers (and doing it with joy), acting like fags, burning families, insulting the Islamic religion, acting like fags, making a mockery of Muslims, committing suicide, killing animals, raping their own women in the military, and did I mention, acting like fags….

“Obsessed” is such a harsh word, right?

Enjoy the….. whatever.

Jihadi Media Problems in Chechnya

It appears the reports of the “martyrdom” of one Shaykh Sa’ad Buryatsky in Chechnya have been greatly exaggerated – by Shayk Sa’ad Buryatsky himself, or at least his media minions.  This from the The Ignored Puzzle Pieces of Knowledge terrorist blog:

“When we were sending that video, a problem occurred, when some of the brothers, while we were sending, apparently assumed that I was martyred, that I took part in this operation, and somebody apparently wrote that comment and added that information, which is not true, to that video, and this is the way it happened. Therefore when it was published on Hunafa, they just received that information in such form, and we are still investigating who made that mistake.”

It appears he made the video, referring to the attack, and whoever posted it said he was the one killed in the attack.


I can see why AQ was dissing Chechen propaganda earlier this summer.

And the Ignored Puzzle Pieces blogger’s comments?

“Mistakes like these should never happen. The media sector in the Caucasus is weak to begin with, and something like this has just weakened it even more. The brothers need to revamp the media sector and completely change it. They need to start working with the official Mujahideen ’stamp’ which is al-Fajr Media.”

If this video glitch bugs him, I can’t wait to see how upset he gets about jihadists causing civilian casualties.

TALIBAN PROPAGANDA WATCH: New American Contributor to Terrorist Blog

While not STRICTLY a Taliban propaganda page, The Ignored Puzzle Pieces of Knowledge likes to share all sorts of jihadi material, including from the Talibs of Afghanistan.

This weekend, Puzzle Pieces introduced readers to a new contributor:

“Alhamdullilah, we have a talented brother that has been chosen to become a regular contributor for this blog. It is my pleasure to introduce brother Abdullah as-Sayf Jones. He is an American revert to Islam and is currently active in the Daw’ah both online and offline. He likes to discuss politics, religion, and refuting the baatil of the Madkhali’s. He is also a regular contributor to the al-Fursan Magazine, Jihad Recollections.

You will notice his posts under his name instead of mines (which is admin).

I hope you all enjoy his posts and benefit from them and whatever discussions you may have with him.

I ask Allah to keep him firm on this Tareeq until he testifies La ilaaha illallah in the face of death.”

And who is Abdullah as-Sayf Jones?  According to his own blog bio (on a blog, I might add, he started, literally, last week):

“The author of this blog is named Abdullah as-Sayf Jones, however was born as David Scott Jones into an average American family of Italian-Irish background. He grew up like every other kid living in lower-class Brevard, Florida. While most kids in his area were getting involved in gangs and crime or trying to become famous rappers and athletes; Abdullah (David) was interested in other things like history, religion, revolution, etc. …. Abdullah began reading the books of Sayyid Qutb and listening to the lectures of Shaykh Abdullah al-Faisal and Shaykh Anwar al-Awlaki. Through this he came to be the person he is today, Abdullah as-Sayf Jones a Muslim revolutionary in pursuit of Allah’s pleasure and Jannah insha’Allah ta’alaa.”

And his take, in his inaugural posting to Puzzle Pieces on last week’s homicide bombing attack in Saudi Arabia?

“What makes this interesting is that we very rarely see operations like this take place within the Arabian Peninsula. Perhaps it can be said that the success of the first operations of Yemen’s Mujahideen, as was reported by Imam Anwar al-Awlaki, have served as a stepping stone. Paving the path to success for the Mujahideen in the Arabian Peninsula, insha’Allah ta’alaa.”

Stay tuned, and enjoy the lies!

TALIBAN PROPAGANDA WATCH: Pro-jihadi Blog, Forums Down

13 Aug 09 update: One of them is back….

As of this posting, two of my fave sites for spotting Talib insights (as well as other jihadi pronouncements from elsewhere in the world), the forums at and the “The Ignored Puzzle Pieces of Knowledge” blog at, are down for the count.

The parent site doesn’t seem to be working, either.

More, if/when they return….