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Mujahideen attacks and bombings kill 16 foreign soldiers, destroy 5 tanks in Helmand

Thursday, 21 January 2010 13:05 By Zabihullah Mujahid
HEALMAND, Jan. 21 – At least two dozens of the Allied soldiers were killed in Talkhak and Sanglakh areas of the Washeru district when their 2 tanks were struck by separate roadside bombings in the morning and evening hours of Wednesday. According to the report from the province, the fatalities and casualties were evacuated from the from explosions sites while the struck tanks remained burning at the sites till the end of the day. In another news, 9 foreign soldiers were killed as well as dozens injured the other day as the enemy encountered twin roadside bombings in the Shor Awak area in Marjah district of this province. (L)ikewise, the other day, a number of the American soldiers who had approached the Khansheen district by air and land came under immediate attack from the Mujahideen, causing the U.S soldiers heavy loss of life and injuries in the Taghaz area of this district. The report adds two U.S armored tanks were exploded by the land mine blast during the attack, killing 7 U.S soldiers and forcing the enemy to flee from the area. However, both struck tanks remained at the battlefield till later that day. At last, the U.S. soldiers fled to the desert in the late hours of the day where their third tank was targeted by another land mine blast, causing the American soldiers further casualties and fatalities.

More fatalities inflicted on enemy in Helmand

Thursday, 21 January 2010 13:58 By Zabihullah Mujahid
HELAMAN, Jan. 21 – A roadside bomb blast on Wednesday killed five Afghan soldiers in the upper Kajaki area of Kjaki district in Helmand province. Furthermore, at least 5 soldiers of the foreign Allies forces were killed the other day as their tank struck I.E.Ds in Jow Shali area of the Sangeen district. The explosion was followed by an armed attack from the Mujahiseen, inflicting further casualties and loss of lives on the enemy.

7 soldiers lose their lives in Uruzgan

Friday, 22 January 2010 10:11 By Qari Yusouf Ahmadi
URUZGAN. Jan. 22 – About seven soldiers of the Afghan army were killed on Friday when their military vehicle encountered a land mine in the province’s Tarin Kowt town. The locals of the region say the vehicle got blown apart into pieces in the bombing, throwing the mutilated and torn pieces of their bodies around the vicinity in Bai Nawa area of this district.

Thirteen killed, 4 vehicles damaged in Zabul

Thursday, 21 January 2010 08:20 By Qari Yusouf Ahmadi
ZABUL, Jan. 21 – The Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate killed 13 Afghan soldiers besides destroying their 3 vehicles in the province’s Shahr-e-Safa district on Wednesday. The report said the military convoy of the enemy had come under the Mujahideen’s ambush attack while it was traveling on Kandahar-Kabul highway near the center of this district. Likewise, the other day, six soldiers of the Afghan minion army were killed as their military vehicle was blown up by the explosive devises blast in the Shamalzu district in Zabul province.

7 Allied soldiers killed in Zabul

Friday, 22 January 2010 09:33 By Qari Yusuf Ahmadi
ZABUL, Jan. 22 – At least seven soldiers of the coalition forces were on Thursday when one of their tanks was struck by the explosive devices blast in the provincial capital Kalat town. The report says the incident occurred in Kakarano Cheenah area of this town, in which the tank got smashed into into pieces and killing 7 foreign soldiers on board.  According to the residents, the dead were carried away from the explosion scene while the struck tank remained burning on Kabul-Kandahar highway.