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DND: No, Three Canadians Were NOT Killed in #UKR …

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… as mentioned by the Russian-supported rebel info-machine …

  • “… according to our intelligence data, when NATO service members, escorted by Ukrainian militants, were visiting today the combat contact line in the vicinity of Avdeyevka, the AFU command purposefully led the guests into their minefield, where a car with the foreigners was blown up by a landmine. As a result, three NATO servicemen from Canada were killed and two from the US were injured. In addition, there is information that three Ukrainian militants who were escorting are wounded …”  (DPR government info-machine link, Russian & English – archived statement via
  • “Update On Dead NATO Soldiers In Ukraine, Poroshenko Regime Sends Them Purposefully To Their Death, 3 Canadians Blown To Tiny Bits And 2 U.S. Badly Wounded ! ” (pro-RUS-supported rebel mediaarchived article via
  • “… ‘Military staff ocffice (sic.) of AFU brought quests from NATO to the mine field, where the truck with foreign merceneies (sic.) exploded. Theree militarymen from Canada perished and two more from the USA got wounded’, it was specified …” (pro-RUS-supported rebel mediaarchived article via
  • “… The source pointed out that three NATO’s service members from Canada died, two more from the US were injured …”(pro-RUS-supported rebel mediaarchived article via
  • “… three NATO troops from Canada were killed, two from the US were injured …” (RIA Novosti, RUS state media, in Russian – archived article via

This from

“Federal officials have flatly denied online rumours circulated by Russian social media accounts that three Canadian soldiers working in Ukraine were killed by a landmine. The Department of National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces told CTV News that the claims are totally false, and that there are no Canadians who have been injured or killed …”

Some previous pro-RUS rebel claims about Canadians in Ukraine here, here and here.

Enjoy the lies!


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