News Highlights – 6 Nov 10

  • Shortly after the Taliban claimed responsibility for shooting some ISAF soldiers in Helmand province (ISAF says they’re investigating an incident there, one account suggests it may have been an accident, while the Taliban claims – the statement on their Voice of Jihad (VOJ) page here, and a copy at a non-terrorist page here – an Afghan soldier killed three foreign troops and defected to the Taliban), the bad guys are claiming they did the same thing to some Canadians (VOJ version here, copy at non-terrorist page here):  Reports from Shah Wali Kot district say that Wali Muhammad Aka, a 75 year old Mujahid and a resident of this districts Kajoor village opened fire with a Kalashnikov on Canadian invaders who were sitting around in the village yesterday at 12:00 pm and as a result 6 Canadian terrorists which includes a female invader were instantly killed before the brave Mujahid was Martyred (we ask Allah to grant him the highest ranks in Paradise) ….As of this posting, there’s been NO mainstream media confirmation of the incident alleged by the Taliban’s web page report (it’s been carried by a Pakistani paper online, but the paper routinely cuts and pastes Taliban claims straight from VOJ, even giving a by-line to the appropriate Taliban spokespersons, as it does in this case).
  • P.S.:  This is the first Taliban claim of responsibility for Canadian casualties since 19 Jun of this year.
  • The Toronto Star continues its series with a look at how one still-serving Canadian soldier is dealing with the memories of Afghanistan“…. (he) still carries physical reminders from that tour three years ago. His hip still hurts when the weather turns cold. And every so often, without thinking about it, he’ll take the precautions in Canada that he once was trained to apply to threats in Afghanistan.  He catches his car veering toward the middle of the road to avoid unpaved shoulders, which is where Taliban bomb-makers sometimes bury their weapons. He feels panic rising in his chest and starts looking for an exit when surrounded by large crowds.  “It’s definitely a very thin line,” he says of post-traumatic stress. “If you let it consume you, it will take you down a really bad path.” ….”
  • “Afghan says militants smell victory”  At least so says Afghan media mogul Saad Mohseni (director of Moby Media Group) as  quoted by the Canadian Press speaking at a security conference in Halifax:  “We see that the world is going to turn its back toward our region. And to an extent, what’s transpiring with debates here and also in Washington, in some way it’s giving confidence to the radicals. They seem to feel and smell victory. So for them it’s the beginning of the end.”
  • As Pat Stogran approaches the end of his tenure as Canada’s Veterans Ombudsman, Postmedia News reports the head of Stogran’s investigation team, retired Chief Warrant Officer Guy Parent may take his boss’ place.  By the end of the day, it was confirmed via news release from the Minister of Veterans Affairs.  A bit of discussion here on on the (alleged) shuffle.  Meanwhile, Postmedia News is also reporting that some older vets are feeling “pushed aside” by a system they say is set up more for dealing with Afghanistan veterans these days.
  • Crash Karma had a chance to visit and entertain Canadian troops in Afghanistan last month – some photos here.  Who’s Crash Karma, you may ask?  This is Crash Karma (Facebook page here), a (with the usual Wikipedia caveats) “Canadian rock supergroup formed in 2008″.
  • Taliban Propaganda Watch Bad guys claim to kill almost a dozen “tanks” in Kandahar, Zabul.

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