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Looking for the Taliban’s “Voice of Jihad” Page?

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I notice in my stats summary there’s some of you out there looking for the Taliban’s “Voice of Jihad” web page.

Usual caveats:  Don’t click on a link to a Taliban web site link if you don’t want the Taliban’s webmeister to see information about your computer connection.  Having a link here =/= supporting the site’s contents/message/intent/mission, it’s just sharing for those who are interested in what the bad guys have to say.

31 AUG 2016 UPDATE:  As usual, a link =/= an endorsement, and don’t link if you don’t want the Taliban’s webmeisters to get your shit, but here’s what seems to work as of this update:

31 Jan 2019 update:  Since people still seem to be linking here on a regular basis, here’s some of the latest links – caveat above still applies.



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26 July 12 at 7:15

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