Looking for the Taliban’s “Voice of Jihad” Page?


I notice in my stats summary there’s some of you out there looking for the Taliban’s “Voice of Jihad” web page.

Usual caveats:  Don’t click on a link to a Taliban web site link if you don’t want the Taliban’s webmeister to see information about your computer connection.  Having a link here =/= supporting the site’s contents/message/intent/mission, it’s just sharing for those who are interested in what the bad guys have to say.

31 AUG 2016 UPDATE:  As usual, a link =/= an endorsement, and don’t link if you don’t want the Taliban’s webmeisters to get your shit, but here’s what seems to work as of this update:

31 Jan 2019 update:  Since people still seem to be linking here on a regular basis, here’s some of the latest links – caveat above still applies.

6 Aug 2019 update:  The only English-language Taliban site I could find still working as of this update is here.

15 August 2021 update:  Taliban’s English site here seems to work, although connectivity has been spotty over the past few days.  As of this post, you can also track Taliban statements (in Farsi) via their spokesperson Twitter feed here.

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